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Macross III: The Revenge Campaign

    Welcome to the Macross III Campaign. In this section, you can learn about various fighters in use in our rpg, the UNSS Arestotle cadet section, the Armory, and various mission files. This is the core of our RPG page. It has everything you need, including OCCs and other various tid-bits of information. Please feel free to browse around, and if you aren't on AOL, you can still chat with us in the United Nations Space Head Quarters!

      -Major Zander Hunter

    UN Spacy General Sections

  • UN Spacy Armory- The chamber where all of our human weapons are stored.
  • UN Spacy Board- Conversations for Macross III RPG members and visitors to the site.
  • To the Virtual Entertainment Facility- A place to kick back and relax.
  • UNSS Arestotle- Cadet information, mecha, and scores.
  • TDF-U1 Crew- The Crew of the Trans-Dimensional Fortress One.
  • Megaroad 56 Flight Center Crew- The Crew of the Athenian based Megaroad 56 Flight Center.
  • MISSION FILES- Mission Files of RPGs and duels.
  • Rank Structure- Rank structure for various branches of the military.
  • Glossary of Terms- Macross/Pilot jargon.

    The Fleet

  • UNSS Knight (TDF-01)- TDF-U class battle crusier under the command of Fleet Captain Arista Kintra.
  • UNSS Dyson (CV-361)- Battle 20 assigned to Escort TDF-U Knight.
  • UNSS Focker (CV-164)- Battle 20 assigned to escort TDF-U Knight.
  • UNSS Yamamoto (CV-151)- Ark Royal Battle Cruiser, escort to the TDF-U.
  • UNSS Jade (CV-845)- Ark Royal battle Cruiser, escort to the TDF-U
  • UNSS Tarais H'ai (ESC-65)- Escort Carrier to the TDF-U
  • UNSS Freedom (ESC-19)- Escort Carrier to the TDF-U
  • UNSS Salvation (MGRD-56)- Megaroad 56; popular hang out place for TDF-U1 Crew.
  • UNSS Hayse (ENST-39)- Science Vessel TDF-U1 Fleet
  • UN Spacy R&D Base 12

    The Mecha

    Pilot & Officer:
  • VF-1XX "Valkyrie I"
  • VF-2JA "Atmospheric Valkyrie"
  • VF-2SS "Space Valkyrie"
  • VF-2SSZ "Valkyrie II" Upgrade
  • VF-2SS SAP "Super Armor Pack Space Valkyrie II"
  • VF-XX "Zentran Space Fighter"
  • VF-6 "Gunslinger"
  • VHT-2 "Chameleon" Variable Hover Tank

    Specialized & Command:

  • VF-1MS "Metal Siren"
  • VF-19Z "XLR8"
  • VF-17X "Dark Stalker"
  • YVF-45 "Tango One"- NOTE: This craft doesn't actually become used until the late parts of the war.

  • Their Stunts

    The UN Spacy OCCs

  • Skills List
  • UN Spacy Uniforms
  • UN Spacy Valkyrie Pilot
  • UN Spacy Military Specialist
  • UN Spacy Military Soldier/Grunt
  • U.N. Spacy Mechanical Engineer
  • U.N. Spacy Communications Engineer
  • U.N. Spacy Field Scientist
  • U.N. Spacy Capital Ship Officer
  • U.N. Marduk Emulator
  • UN Spacy Zentran/Meltran OCC (Human Sized)
  • VF-XX Valkyrie Pilot
  • U.N. Spacy Test Pilot
  • U.N. Spacy Giant Zentran/Meltran Soldier
  • U.N. Spacy Robot Defense Pilot
  • UN Spacy Aircraft Fighter Pilot