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What's Up Guys

Translated by ADV Films

Japanese Version

WHATíS UP hitomi wo kawashite

Nazomeita kaze ni mi wo yudane you

GET UP mirai wo mitsumete

Yokubarina ai to yume wo kanae you

Kitto kimi shiranai sa

Meutsuri shiteru furi no boku wo

Dakara sa naitcha dame

To teoki no enerugii sa

Arekore itsumo nayami kakaete

Dokidoki yume ga koboreru

Harikiri ima wo kakenukete yuku

Zutto issho ni iru kara

WHATíS UP zero kara hajime you

Azayakana hibi ga iroasenu you ni

MAKE UP riaruna genjitsu

Kagami ni utsutta nemuri no nai machi

English Version

Whatís up, As we exchange glances

Why not entrust ourselves to this mysterious wind

Get up, As we look into the future

We have to make our selfish love and wishes come true

You probably wonít know

All this scouting Iím doing is an act

So please donít shed any more tears

Thatís the energy most dear to me

You make me wonder all the time

My dreams are about to spill over

All fired-up, I go rushing out

Because I know that you will be with me always

Whatís up, we have to start from zero

Put these brilliant days behind us, turn them into faint memories

Make up, reality is all too convincing

A reflection of a city that knows no sleep appears in the mirror