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Lyrics I Greatly Desire

Arr..I am dying to get a million different lyrics for different anime songs, but I cant seem to find them anywhere. I keep looking, yes, but sometimes that just doesnt pay off, ne? So here is my list of lyrics to songs I just love but dont know what the @#$% it means AT ALL, and I have no translation of it either. So the song remains a mystery...Some of these songs I know what the title means, but everything else is, well, Japanese to me.

Kloot-chan's Most Wanted Song Lyrics are:

Futari No Ginza Sanshoume -A Marron & Gateau Duet-I know the song title means Two People's 3rd Block in Ginza, but the rest I have no CLUE.

SD Ah! My Goddess -I already have the English, but I must have the Japanese. There is no @#$%ing way I'm going to try to figure it out myself, man. Talk about screwing up big time! *sweatdrop*