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Character Singles & Other Miscellany

Wai, wai! Character singles are so COoOoOOL, ne? Guess what???!!! I FOUND the romaji for Marron's character single and..*drumroll please*..FUTARI NO GINZA SANSHOUME!!! *huge toothy grin* YAAAAY! Plus I have the lyrics to other character singles, or just plain miscellaneous songs that can't be dumped anywhere else.

Character Singles

Futari No Ginza Sanshoume This song is so kawaii. My mom says this song sounds like a Japanese Elvis song...-_-;;;;; All I can say about THAT is oh brother..*siggghhh*

Donna Title Mo Boku Wa Iranai This is Marron's single..He just doesn't have any titles, ne?


I don't have any of these yet..I am just being prepared in case I do..heh heh.