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Anime Opening Themes

Ahh..the opening themes of anime. They always mean that soon some anime is going to follow, and that is always a good thing, ne? Yay! I have noticed that a lot of anime opening themes are very bouncy and happy; I know I am joyous myself when I watch anime! Well, here they are, buckos! Some of these themes I do not have the Japanese for, and some I do not have the English for. Gomen nasai! I will NOT try to write down lyrics by listening to the song because we would have a gross mess, believe me. Anyway, enjoy these, minna! If I have a wrong lyric somewhere, e-mail me, kay?

Japanese & English Versions

Fancy Lala Very bouncy song. I like it a lot!

Saint Tail This song was cool even the first time I heard it! The anime is really cool too.

Spell Wars Sorcerer Hunters Revenge Have you seen this anime yet!? HILARIOUS! The opening is very hip.

Nuku Nuku Dash! OVA I really really like Nuku Nuku; she is very cool. Gotta see the TV series soon!

Slayers I have only seen the 1ST volume of Slayers. Very pathetic, ne?

Japanese Only

Bakuretsu Hunter OVA So far I have only the Japanese Version! Gomen nasai.

English Only

Revolutionary Girl Utena My favorite part of the song is the cheek to cheek part..Overall, a good song. Personally, I think the end song is better, though..