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Holy Cow! Kloot's Anime Lyrics Heap!

Welcome, mortals, to my section of anime songs. All songs archived in this dusty little heap will be songs that I have collected from my pile of fansubs, mp3s, and regular commercialized anime tapes. I did NOT translate these, or cast them from Japanese into romanji, okay?! >.<; All I did was post them up here, and credit will be given (if possible) to the fansubber/company that DID struggle in anguish to provide these lyrics. If you have any lyrics to a cool anime song that I do not have up here (which is probably VERY likely), please e-mail it to me! Kudasai!!! Also, I have listed somewhere below the lyrics that I want, but for some reason cannot find. Arr.. Oh well, enjoy; and most of all, arigatou gozaimasu!

Lyrics that I really, really, really want!! But for some reason they are lost in the gap between dimensions..

Da Lyrics, Babee!

Lyrics to anime opening themes.
Lyrics to anime closing themes.
Lyrics to special character songs, etc. from anime.