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Anime Closing Themes

The closing songs to anime always seem relaxing, pretty, and/or kind of personal, at least to me. Of course, just as there are a lot of great opening songs, there are plenty of great ending songs, too. And here they are, either translated or in its original Japanese, or both. I hope that one day I will have both English and Japanese versions of every song I have, but that wish is a feeble one. (Reason #1: I dont know Japanese!!! Baka Kloot...) Here they are, dudeys.

Japanese & English Versions

Fancy Lala TV Ending Song This song is as good as the opening theme.

Spell Wars Sorcerer Hunters Revenge This short song is called “Mask”, and is pretty good.

Nuku Nuku OVA End Theme This is a cute little OVA! ^-^

Slayers TV Lina certainly is sure of herself, ne?

English Only

SD Ah! My Goddess Theme Sugoi!! I luv this song! I NEED the Japanese lyrics so people can appreciate this song as well!!

Revolutionary Girl Utena I get this song stuck in my head all the time. Where is the romanji for this??!!! >.<;

Japanese Only

Kloot is a baka. Nuthin here! >____<