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Welcome to the Legendary Super Saiya-Jins.Please enjoy yourselves.I do appreiciate fan art, fanfic, images, and any information I don't have already.If you have any of these or any questions feel free to email me.
Sorry everyone, I've been away awhile and I'm back now to make new updates.I'll be adding 236 more images to my gallery so sit tight. I also have some fanfics to put up. I'm also hoping to get my art on here but if anyone has any, I'll add it. I'm also adding some Music Video's and Music files soon so keep coming back to see when they're done. I'm in the process of making a new banner too, this one will kick ass!I've been helping alot of people make pages of their own and when they're up I'll add them to the links. If you have a page I'll be glad to add it. Well thats about it.
I have taken away my Image Gallery, but don't fear, I have stuck on my image directory until I can make a good gallery. All my images are now accessable by anyone of you.I have also added tons of new images.

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