Welcome to Mikkakan!
47 pics, scanned by me and photographed by Hikage. Do not take for any use.

A very nice Sano.
Asahina from Haunted Junction.
Vash, Wolfwood, and Lina Inverse. Wolfwood likes apples?
Yeah, I'm a mecha. You got a problem with that?
A microphone: $25. Japanese lyrics printed out: $0.30. Touga doing kareoke: Priceless.
Matt from Digimon looks like he had a really late night.
Hey, no pictures! I'm a Gundam pilot here!
A guy from Nadesico.
Random samurai. He was supposed to have a black wig, but that fell through.
Blurry pic of Hikage-neechan as Nuriko!
John Barrett in a Touga costume that Michi had in the back of her car.
Ryo-oki! Wai!
The only decent dealer's table, at the only time it wasn't surrounded by obsessed fans.
(cosplay) Umm... I think this was original. Nice spatula.
Asahina at the cosplay.
First part of the amateur lineup...
Second part...
And the last part!
Melfina from Outlaw Star, methinks.
San from Mononoke-hime.
Touga... *drool*
Touga party! Touga party!
One of the various Sanos.
Utena posing.
Boogiepop Phantom.
Umm... Digicharat person? Rabi~en~rose?
Fuu, Hikaru, and Nova.
Chrono Cross crowd!
The horror begins... After being dragged on stage by a famous person, Aeris and I choose a song.
I'm a little teapot, see me blush...
Cardcaptor #1, with a scary little Kero-chan.
Neko Sakura: *drops the cards* Hmm... Should I catch them? Everyone: NOO!!
Kenshingumi 1: Meet Yahiko. He was SO cute!
Kenshingumi 2: They were going to hide behind the judges, but there was no room.
Kenshingumi 3: Poor random samurai... His buddy ran away from Yahiko.
Kenshingumi 4: He grows on you.
One of the various Wollfwoods.
What's a con without a Sailor Scout?
Lodoss War. "What's with that name, anyway? I mean, *Spark* of *Flame*??!!"
Malice Mizer 1: Le Ciel costumes.
Malice Mizer 2: They danced to Bois de Merveilles, though.
Malice Mizer 3: They moved very elegantly. I wish we had a camcorder.
Malice Mizer 4: Ending poses.
The Gundam Girls! "Wufei kinda flipped out when he got turned into a girl, so we had to lock him into a closet." "Yeah, when is Wufei coming out of the closet anyway?"
Digicharat dance 1: That poor boy.
Digicharat dance 2: We all cheered him on, though.

That's all for now, but we still have another roll to develop. Gomen, minna! I hope this is enough for now! -Lisette