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Movie #2: World's Strongest

This movie begins as Piccilo trying to open the Zubiizubi Mountains, which he can't, because there's so much ice. Right behind him was Gohan and Oolong, they were following Piccilo, but at the same time, Oolong was trying to find the Dragonballs. Then Piccilo saw them and asked what they were doing there. Then Piccilo got attacked by some guys and taken away, while Gohan and Oolong also got beaten up. They got up, and saw that Piccilo wasn't there. So they went home. But in the mountains, a strange man named Dr. Krochen to wish back Dr. Wheelo. Meanwhile at Master Roshi's Island(or Kame's), Master Roshi was visited by little green men. The green men asked him to come with him, but he refused, so the green men challenged him, but he beat them up. Then the green men held Bulma captive, so he was forced to go. There he had to fight three androids, they go at it but he lost. Back at Goku's house, Chichi was yelling at Gohan for going there. But Goku was to focused on getting Master Roshi back. At the Dr. Wheelo's fortress, Bulma was held captive and asked what they wanted to do. They said they wanted to take over the world, and get Master Roshi's body to fight in. But Bulma told them tha Goku was way stronger, so they wanted Goku. Goku was on his way, when he got there he had to face the three androids that faced Master Roshi. He beat them all using the kayoken attack, with the help of both Krillin and Gohan. When he got there he had to face Piccilo! Piccilo had become evil, due to Krochen's experiment. Gohan tried to stop them but couldn't, so he became upset and exploded with anger, causing the fortress to explode. But Dr. Wheelo turned into an android and went up against them. It took them all to beat him. But Goku finally killed him with a Spirit Bomb. He won!!


Worlds Strongest