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To Become A Super Saya-jinn:

To become a super saya-jinn is when you have a very pure heart, you are extremely mad, and when your power level is high as it can be. And of course you have to be a Saya-jinn.

Characteristic of a Super Saya-jinn:

Super Sayains tend to have gold hair, usually long as it was when they were normal. They have an aurora around them, and there eye color is green. They are way stronger then they usually are.

First time they turned SSJ(Super Saya-jinn)


Goku first turned Super Sayain, when he fought against the vicious Freiza. Goku turned it while in combat, when he and his friends thought they had defeated him, but Freiza came back and killed Goku's best friend Krillin. Goku became enraged and turned Super Sayain for the first time, he was thevery first one that did.


Vegeta first turned SSJ in space training. He wanted to become a Super Saya-jinn, just like Goku did, and he wanted to become even stronger then Goku was. Well he was training under 100x gravity in a ship, but still didn't turn Super Sayain. He was so frustrated that he became a Super Saya-jinn!


Gohan turned SSJ when he was trainig in the room of The Spirit of Time and Training. He was fighting against his father Goku, but couldn't keep up with him and turned Super Saya-jinn!


Trunks turned SSJ when he was a kid, but we won't count that.Trunks turned Super Saya-jinn when he and Gohan were battle against Androids #17 and #18. Trunks later got knocked by them, but Gohan still was fighting. Gohan was over conquered and died by both androids. Trunks got up and saw that his best friend was dead. He was very angry and turned Super Saya-jinn!


Goten turned Super Saya-jinn while chibi(young) as well. But Goten also turned Super Saa-jinn in GT. He was older. I'm not sure who he fought.