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Since I don't know how to make sites really good I had to make two different links to the profiles page. Once again Yamcha, Tien, Krillin, and Chaozu aren't in this since they're not here throughout GT.

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Piccilo is a very strong character in DBZ-GT. He is a namek raised in Earth. He was born by an egg that his father laid during his battle with Goku, his father wanted to take over the world, but Goku didn't want him to and killed him. While Piccilo was growing up, he shared a disgust for Goku and wanted to defeat him, ofcourse he never really did. During the Radditz Saga, he finally did kill Goku, because Goku sacraficed himself to save Earth. Goku held Radditz and Piccilo did his Special Beam Cannon on them both thus causing them to die. After that he didn't want to fight Goku because he was so brave and loyal. He later became Gohan's mentor and trained him during the Arrival of the Sayains. Gohan and Piccilo then became friends and watched out for eachother. Piccilo also is Goten's mentor as well.


Trunks is a very interesting character, and very strong as well. He can be charming at one time, and really pissed off the other. He's very heroic and will do anything for his friends. When Gohan died he was so mad that he turned Super Sayain. His best friend is Goten, Goku's second son. His mother and father is Vegeta and Bulma. Bulma and Vegeta married during the Android saga, which he first appeared in, when Frieza was back but as a robot, he also brought his daddy, King Cold. Goku was gone in another planet.Trunks toys with Frieza and his father a bit, kills Frieza and then his father. He came so he could cure Goku from his heart disease which he would've had in the future.


Vegeta is a very powerful fighter in DBZ and in GT. But in the beginning he was a very cold fighter as well. He cared for noone and served the king of the colds, Freiza. He was the Prince of his home planet, Vegeta. Named after his father King Vegeta. His father was killed by Freiza, and he was raised by him. His planet was destroyed by Freiza, so he's been hating him ever since the beginning. He finally fought Goku for the battle for Earth, Goku and the fighter won, but they left him alone. He came back in the Namek saga to look for Dragonballs but then winded up helping the fighters against Freiza and his men. He soon turned Super Sayain while in a ship. He marries Bulma, and has a boy named Trunks, and a girl named Bra.