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These are the basic DBZ fighters. Vegeta isn't really a DBZ fighter in the beggining but later he becomes one, so I thought I should consider him one.

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Goku, also called Kakarot by sayains because that's his real sayain name, is the toughest Z fighter in both Dragonball,Z,and GT. He's the son of a strong sayain fighter named Bardock, unfortunaltely he was killed by Frieza as well as his home Planet Vegeta.Goku didn't know of his father and didn't care. He was adopted by an elderly man named Old Son Gohan. He later married Chi-chi, a strong, but beautiful woman that he found in a fighting contest. She was faced against him. He had a son later named Gohan, named in the honor of his foster father. His mentor was Master Roshi, an old man with great power. He taught him his special Kamehahmeha beam. His other mentor was King Kai. A small but powerful blue man that taught him the awesome Kayoken attack and the finish move, the Spirit Bomb.


Gohan is the second strongest fighter in DBZ and GT. Actually he was the best while Goku was in heaven. Gohan, unlike his father, is a boy or a man that really doesn't like violence, but like's his education better. He wants to acomplish what his mother wanted him to do ever since childhood. But if pushed to the limit, he can be very aggressive. As a kid, he had mysterious powers even he nor his father couldn't imagine.He later learned how to control his powers by his mentor, Piccilo. After many years he marries Mr. Satan's (not the devil but a fighter)daughter, Videl. They have a girl named Pan.


Goten is a very enthusiastic boy. He is also a very brave and strong fighter. He loves a great challenge just like his dad, Goku. He looks exactly like him, his hair and everything. Goten is very strong even as a boy, he turned Super Sayain at the age of 7 or 8. That makes him very unique indeed. His mentors are Piccilo, Goku, and his big bro Gohan, ofcourse Gohan is well grown up. He's Goku's second son, and due to the family tree, all the second children look like their father. His best friend is Trunks, Chibi Trunks(when he's small). He fuses with him to become Gotenks, a really powerful being. He may be strong but he's also an all around kid that just loves fun.