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Movie Summary

These are just movie summary for movies 1,2,and 3. The american ones only for now.

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This movie is when Goku is weak and hasn't learned that much stuff. In the beginning Piccilo squares off into battle against three goons and looses, because he was ambushed without knowing it. Later, at Goku's house Goku is out getting wood and getting lunch for his family, while Chi-chi and Gohan are at the house. They get a knock at the door and it was Ox King, Chi-chi's father, he was in front of the door when he falls down. Behind him was a mysterious guy in a cape, Chi-chi went to fight but was easily blown back, and was down for the count. Then Gohan was kidnapped and taken away. Goku came running and asked Chi-chi what happened and Chi-chi said that Gohan was kidnapped. Goku went to Master Roshi's island, and was greeted by Roshi, Bulma, and others. He asks Bulma for her Dragon Radar, and he went on his way, because on Gohan's hat was a Dragonball, that way he can locate Gohan with his hat. Back at Garlic Jr.'s palace, they've found all the Dragonballs and they were ready for their wish. When Goku arrived he saw Kami and Garlic Jr. talkin about Galic Jr.'s dad, Garlic, Garlic had already made his wish and was immortal. So Goku went in and found the goons that hurt Chi-chi, so he fought and beat them, but Piccilo was there, and helped him fight, but he still hated Goku, and was willing to fight him later. There they also met Krillin, so on they fought Goku and Piccilo killed the goons and then Garlic Jr. fought Kami, Kami lost and Goku and Piccilo had to fight Garlic Jr. They square off and give it all they got, but Garlic Jr. changed into a new being which was a big green monster. Goku and Piccilo give it there best at him, and won, or did they? Piccilo forced Goku into facing off against him, but Garlic Jr. was back and stronger. Garlic created a big portal called "Dead Zone." Which sucked in everything insight. The gang was in trouble, considering Kami was knocked out. They were almost gone when Gohan awaken, was furious. He blew Garlic Jr. into his own portal and closed it. They've never seen Gohan do that, so Goku thought he shouldn't tell anybody. And they went happily home.


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