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SMan welcomes you to the most electrifying DBZ-GT site on the web!!

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Welcome to the most electrifying DBZ site on the web! I'm SMan,I started this site because of the love of DBZ! Dragonball Z first started in the year 1984, same year I was born! This show starts with a sayain named Goku, or sayain name is Kakarot. He is the most strongest character throughout Dragonball. This show continues on until GT! For more info on Goku and the rest go to character sections above.

News Section...scroll down for the latest!!


Hey guys, what's up! I have done many changes such as the new BANNER! About 100+ pics are coming so brace yourselves. I am also working on the movies and the thumb gallery, I have almost completed them, but I cannot leave it open, sorry. So are you gonna buy them Android videos, I know I am. Anyways I'll see you guys in a while, peace out!


Hey was up guys! I haven't once again updated my news or the site 4 a while and I apoligize for that! I've been really busy on things. Let's see what has happened so far in the DBZ world: Burger King's happy meal came with a DBZ toy, Trunks Saga was made, DBZ started all over with the reruns, and that's it. I know it is pretty slow, but hey that's how Cartoon Network works. I have only updated my Power Levels section, so check that out. Well, I'm working on a totally different layout, and more new stuff that are coming soon, stop by to see what has changed. Peace!


Hey was up guys! I have done some little things here and there, like I now have an see my awards section, and a win my awards section, for any buddy whose site is really good. Netscape can now view my site, but it has to be a recent one. I have taken off some of my movies, but I'll have up more a little later. Also rumor has it that Burger King will promote Dragonball Z with action figures on May 29th. We'll see what happens. Alrighty then, see ya later!


Hey! Was up guys, SMan's here again with news. Well DBZ on Cartoon Network started a new season with the Garlic Jr. Saga appearing every Saturday @ 10:00 a.m. Pacific and 9:00 a.m. Eastern. Burger King has launched a new promotion with DBZ action figures with the Kid's Meal. I haven't updated but now I'll try because of Spring Break...yeah!!! So try to come back for any updated that I have. Peace out!


I haven't updated for a while now, and I'm not going to for another week or so...sorry but I've been really busy! Anyways I have a easier url to this site which is:! I hope thats easier enough. Well I'll catch you guys later.


Sorry..but it seems as if somehow the main menu of my site was deleted. I haven't been on for a while I just recently did, but I'll try to update as often as I can. If you've haven't noticed I have a new email adress check it on the bottom.

Disclaimer: This site is owned by me, and all of these materials are owned by me or I have asked people for them. If you take any of these items off this page without my permission it is called stealing and there are penalties for that. Otherwise if you aren't using it for your website, but only for knowledge of Dbz, you are more than welcome to. If you have any questions e-mail at the address below. These pictures are not created by me or anyone else besides the creators of DBZ: TOEI, Funimation, Akira Toriyama, etc...Copyright 1998-2000

This site was happily made by SMan, enjoy!!

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