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These are the main bad guys in DBZ, the reason why I don't have Gt is because they have so many bad guys.

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Freiza is one of the coldest character in DBZ. He doesn't care about noone or nothing. He could kill in a sec without even thinking. Freiza is the smallest of his family, well that's because he only has one brother. He has four stages; Form 1: he's the original and the weakest one he has horns and has an armor suit on;Form 2: he is grown about a few feet high like 7, and he has a different tone voice and has longer horns;Form 3: he looks like one of the aliens from the movie Aliens but has a duck like mouth and has both of the first form of voices; Form 4: His last and ultimate form, he is way strong and looks like a metal Freiza but isn't,he has lines under is eyes going down like a tear drop. Freiza has one last final form, Metal Freiza, this is when he came back to life rebuilt by his father, King Cold's men. He is half first form and half something else. His brother is the strongest one out of his whole family, Cooler.


Cell is the coolest villains I think in DBZ. He actually made it very complicated for the Z fighters. That's why it's the longest saga in DBZ. Cell has Vegeta's, Goku's, Piccilo's and some others moves and attacks. In order for Cell to be complete he has to grow and take power from people, like Buu. He was created by Dr. Gero, a mad scientist that made androids 16-twenty something. In his final form he's very tall and is very strong as well. Even Goku couldn't defeat him!! The only person that could was Gohan. This was the first time he turned Super Sayain 2, actually the first time any of them has. Cell has little Cell Jrs. that he made. Don't think just because they're small they are weak.. they almost beat the gang.


Buu is the most creative bad guy in DBZ.He was brought back by a small guy named Babi-dee. Buu actually gave them more mischief then they imagined. First he took over Piccilo's, Goten's, Trunk's, #18's, and several others' body to become stronger and powerful, and much taller since he was so short. Buu is kind of a clay like guy that takes peoples bodies and use them for power. He even takes Gohan's body. The only one's left were Vegeta and Goku, Vegeta was in Heaven since he died from a previous battle with him, and thought it was hopeless, but they had some luck and came out. Goku had also a suprise he got from a friend, a Fusion earing. He was going to fuse with Gohan but before he could, Gohan got sucked up by Buu. So he got fused with Vegeta, luckily and won the battle, but the world was destroyed, they wished it back using the ultimate Dragonballs.

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