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Starting Techniques

may only be learned off of someone else if not taken as a starter move.

  • Bukujutsu- this moves makes you know how to fly by using your ki (Does 30 x [Str + Sta])
  • Burning Attack - A powerful attack used by Trunks.can hit up to 3 targets if close. (Does 40 x [Str + Ki])
  • Daichiretsuzan - by charging up with two fingers extended you can make a tiny beam that can cut through the surface of a planet.(Does 50 x [Str + Ki])
  • Double Tsuihikidan - If fighting multiple opponents it blasts them all.(Does 40 x [Str + Ki])
  • Dynamite Kick - Mr.Satan's strongest move,as he once used against cell (Does 25 x [Str + Ki])
  • Galactica Donut - It is a ring of energy that can crush your enemy. The Donut can be used to surround the enemy and trap him by holding his body."Used by gotenks (Does 30 x [Str + Ki] The opponent doesn't attack for 2 turns
  • Genocide Attack - A lot of heat seeking Ki blasts in the air that seek their targets after it is fired. (Does 40 x [Str + Ki])
  • Hankokubikkurisho -Similar to Tien's attack, It shoots a Ki blast forward using both hands.(Does 50 x [Str + Ki])
  • Kakusanyudokodan - Fires many ki blasts around the enemy,when surrounding them you control the blast to hit the target. (Does 45 x [Str + Ki)
  • Kamikaze = You grasp onto the enemy's back or front, then you charge all your enery and explode.Must be used when at 25% pl or less.(Does PL x [Str + Ki])
  • Kamehameha = A powerful beam shot by forming both palms of your hand facing outwards each other, tought by master roshi if not a starter..(Does 40 x [Str + Ki])
  • Oazru mouth beam= A Huge blast shot out from the mouth, can only be used in oazru form.(does 55 x[Str + Ki])
  • Destructo Disk= An energy disc that can cut through anything (like a saiyajins tail.....) (Does 45 x [Str + Ki])
  • Kikoho - You put the tips of your fingers of both hands together, forming kind of a circle between your fingers. Then you shoot a powerful blast through the circle at your enemy."know to be used by Tien (Does 40 x [Str + Ki])
  • Masenko - by putting both of your hands together you shoot a powerful beam at your opponent*As seen by gohan (Does 40 x [Str + Ki])
  • Multidirectional Ki Blast - A blast shot from the hands that is controlled by moving the fingers, yamucha uses this one most of the time. (Does 35 x [Str + Ki])
  • Solar Flare-A lot of light that blinds an opponent for 2 turns and 3 turns if used to oazru form saiyajins.
  • Renzoku Energy Dan - This attack blasts out hundreds of ki blasts. (Does 45 x [Str + Ki])
  • Saiko No Kogeki - A blast shot out of the mouth. (Does 40 x [Str + Ki])
  • Super Energy Blast - You gather up all your ki, put it all together and blast it in one HUGE blast. (You take out all but 1 HP and it does that damage) (your ki -how much you want to leave for yourself)

    none-Starting moves (can only be learned by the maker of the move)