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use the message board for dbz rpg purposes only

do not constantly flood the message board with useless annoying messages (flooding)

do not lie about having stats you dont have or else you will be fined 5000 zeni and 5000 PL!NO MERCY!heh

dont constantly ask us to update you we have lives too

you cant search for dragon balls more than twice a week

dont ask us which wishes you can make with the dragon balls, just check the dragon balls section

taiyoken cannot be used during the night.

battle rules

in a friendly battle the winner gets 500 PL and 500 zeni

in a friendly battle the the loser gets 200 PL and 200 zeni

in a friendly battle you cant kill your opponent

in a real battle the winner gets 1000 PL and 1000 zeni

in a real battle the loser gets 500 PL and 500 zeni

your allowed for up to 10 battles of any kind a day

every battle you go up +1 in all stats

when a saiyan loses a real battle but doesnt die they go up 500 ki

if your 3 times stronger in PL than someone else you can choose to force them to battle with you unless they have teleport

have fun and obey the rules