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welcome to the jobs page, here you can make jobs to make money or get items...(you know what a job is lol...)

Vegeta's Pawn Shop

you can also visit the shops section
my pawn shop is up there too, well heres the information on it here
The pawn shop is a place where you can sell your unwanted items for 50% the price that you bought it for. you can also buy items from the pawn shop that people have sold for 75% of the real price or you can also get a better deal, check it out. When searching for dragon balls you may also stumble across unique items(we will tell you if you do), you can sell it to the pawn shop, just ask vegeta about the item and he wil tell you. You can also identify it at the pawn shop for 1000 zeni and if good, you may decide to use it.

the pawn shop is owned by vegeta

currently no stock

Vegeta and Gohan's Lottery

the lottery has moved to here

for more information or if you want to start your own job, email me SSJVegeta2000 or email Gohan find me on icq ( my number is on the members page).