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are you still livin on the street? what is a house for you ask? Well houses raise you Power level nad some of your stats, here they are

home on earth: gives 500 PL per day, +2 in all stats per day, costs 3000 zeni

namek home: gives 1000 PL per day, +3 in all stats , costs 5000 zeni

rochi's hideout: gives 2000 PL per day, +4 in all stats , costs 8000 zeni

fortress: gives 4000 PL per day, +5 in all stats , comes with 5x guns and 3x earth armors, costs 13 000 zeni

kami's lookout: gives 5000 pl per day, +6 in all stats , comes with 2x namok armors a tree of agasai and a watering can, costs 15 000 zeni

capsule home (small): gives 1000 pl per day, +4 in all stats, comes with a 1 time use gravitron that goes up to 200x, costs 5000 zeni

capsule home (medium): gives 3000 pl per day, +6 in all stats, comes with a db radar, costs 10 000 zeni

capsule home (large): gives 5000 pl per day, +8 in all stats, come with a gravitron that can go up to 200x, costs 15 000 zeni

mansion: gives 7000 pl per day, +10 in all stats, comes with a super senzu plant and 5x super senzu beans, costs 18 000 zeni

hotel: OWN YOUR OWN HOTEL, charge people to stay in it, comes with weighted gi 15 lbs and a tree of agasai, gives you 7000 pl per day, 10 in every stat, 5 for people who stay (not per night)and 2500 pl per day for them, you charge as much as you want, costs 30 000 zeni

dojo: your own tranining dojo, gives you 8000 pl per day, 12 in every stat, comes with a free one week membership to gohans stat raiser and a weighted shoulder pads 10 lbs, costs 30 000 zeni

dream house: the one krillen thought about in "krillens proposal", gives 10 000 pl per day, 14 stats (not per day non of the stats are per day), comes with jammies a car x2 (takes you anywere on a planet in one day unless its really close) and a private jet (takes you anywere in a planet in 1 hour unless really close. costs 75 000 zeni

and that concludes our homes

areas to live in

the place under snake way: theres only one shot at getting this, you get 1 special apple per week (refils you ki to max and raises by 5000, if used in battle ur next attack does double) you have 5 guards at 5000 pl each with 20 on each stat (can go up)with solar flare and kamehameha, you can put your house here, costs 35 000 zeni.

cave: this is a normal cave the thing that is special about this is that you gain intelligence and strength, you cannot put your home here, every week you get 6 apples that regain your strength by 20 000 each in battle when you get this you are soo happy you get 5000 pl. costs 20 000 zeni

more to come