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Updates On Version 3.0 Released on 8/17/00 SSMJGohan99
V 3.0
On this version you play up to when you fight the ginyu force though you dont fight them yet. you get to fly to namek. and do a dragon ball search. you get to fight zarbon and some onther new guys. and if you walk around alot in some areas you might get battles for exp

V 2.0
in this version you play up to after you beat vegeta in the hospital. there is more training at king kai for pl. there is a fight between you (goku) vs nappa (half dead) and two saibamen after everyone leaves.(hint: after the battles with king kais training your mp plus hp is restored and after you beat nappa with goku your resored.)

Reviews From other Sites
MGokus Site

This neat game was made by a friend of mine. I've just started playing, and it's so far pretty good! And from his words, it only gets better!
Rating: 90/100 - Awesome game!!


These Shots are from version 1.2 and under

What can i say, its a castle
This is gohan in his survival training
wah wah gokus dead
Green Dragon Battle
This is gokus home

The inn on snake way
"i will teach you kaioken" who am i....... kingkai!
the town that goku was born in
fee fi fo fum the battle between the evil scum
die nappa die

goku vs piccolo

goku vs piccolo again
this guy loves fighting!!! gohan about to turn into monkey man vs piccolo
goku and piccolo vs gokus brother... radditz
goku on snake way

still flying... what dya want snake way's long
store near goku's house


Dbz Game V 3.0 amazing game with much more play time than before
Fly.sav This save game that makes you fly. only one problem. you cant land.
Invincible.sav This save game that makes you invinvible.
unlimited_money.sav This save game that gives you unlimited zeni
Walk fast.sav This save game that makes you walk fast