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here you can eat at different restaurants, dont eat too many fats or your speed will go down, you may take up to 2 combos a day and 4 extras.

Dragon Ball King

drink=+3 sta (100 zeni)
burger=+8 STR, -3 speed (150 zeni)
combo 1=burger, fries, drink:+15 STR, -5 speed (500 zeni)
combo 2=salad,drink,sandwhich:+10 STR, +10 speed (750 zeni)

Taco Dragon bell

Chalupa:+5 str., -5 speed( 500 zeni)
7 layer barito!!=:+30 STR, -30 speed (1500 zeni)
nachos=+5 STR, +2 speed (750 zeni)

starting from july 1st to july 5 th everyone who comes here gets a free can of brisk baby! it gives +10 in all stats and tastes real good. THATS BRISK BABY.