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contests and trivia


Who gave Trunks his legendary sword??

a) Kaoshin
b) Tapion
c) Kaiosama
d) Master roshi
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trivia area #1

for each right answer you get 1000 zeni and the bonus you get 1500 zeni.

1) Were there dark star balls in the dbz series??____
2) Did Akira Toriyama make db, dbz and dbgt?____
3) is SSJ2 also known as jubei super saiyajin?_____
4) who in db was the first to make a wish with the dragon balls?_____
5) why does tien have a third eye?____
6) Is chaotzu the prince of Earth?___
7) whats the difference of gravity on the king kai's planet compared to earth's?____
8) who was frieza killed by?____
9) what is buu's special attack?____
10) what is buu's last form?___
11) ~bonus~ Whats the best DBZ rpg site?______

send youre answers to SSJVegeta99