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DBZ Bank

Ever want that item that you cant wait for? Or is an item on sale that only has one and you want it? well you've come to the right place! Here you can borrow zeni but theres interest of course. Here's the following...

Here are the following credit cards you can buy.
local bank card = 75% interest , costs 500 zeni
goku's bank = 50 % interest , costs 2500 zeni
DBZ american express = 30 % interest , costs 6000 zeni
DBZ master card = 20 % interest , costs 8000 zeni
DBZ VISA card = 10 % interest , costs 10 000 zeni

if you dont pay off the debt in a range of a week, your credit card will be declined and you will lose it and the interest doubles for what you didnt pay.
example: i borrowed 10 000 zeni from the bank and i have a DBZ VISA card, i will owe 11 000 zeni, if i dont pay that in a week, i lose the visa card and i owe the double interest (12 000 zeni)

the bank might let you a chance if you dont pay off the debt in a week by giving you another offer or deal.