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The AfterLife

when you die you get the oppertunity to go to King Kai, but in doing so you must get past Snake Way, If you dont have nimbus or bukujutsu it takes you three days to get there, with bukujutsu it takes 2 days.After two weeks you come back to life. If running on Snake Way, we will roll a die to see if you roll off
3 heads=you dont fall off
5 tails=you fall off.

Under Snake Way

when here, the only way to get back up is to beat the two hell guards then they will show you their "secret" way up.

their stats are:

blue hell guard
50 000 PL
50 in all stats(100 in strength)
must have at least 100 strength to battle him

red hell guard
50 000 PL
50 in all stats(100 in speed)
must have at least 100 speed to battle him

to fight them ask for vegeta or gohan , we will fight for them. The town is not well known since not many people have been there and have come back to tell about it so if you have the time (which you will), look around.

How To Come Back

you may come back by either

1.being wished back by earth dragon balls(can only wish someone who has only died once)
2.wished by dark balls/namek balls
3.wait two weeks
4.special items may be found