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What's up? what happened to KILLER Anime? I'm sorry, but DBZ was getting to be too much. So I killed it. This page will no longer feature any DBZ. If you want DBZ, go to Planet Namek.
Now that I've got that cleared up,

DO NOT view this page using Netscape!

I'm going to bring so many updates to this page I'll make your head spin, and I'm going to do it for a reason. I want this site to be the best. Win or lose, this page should be interesting nonetheless.


5/19/00 - This is the end, my friend. I've stopped working on this page, and working full time on my new page. The new page is really awesome, I'd reccomend checking it out if you're into the Final Fantasy video game series...and reading. Anyway, as a final effort for the page, I put on a new, COMPLETELY ORIGINAL main image. I did the screenshot and everything myself

4/7/00 - Page Creation Date
4/28/00 - New Mecha now up, Mercurius.
4/29/00 - I tried to upload an MP3, but ended up using all of the space on the page. So it's deleted, sorry. MIDIs are good enough for now. If you really want MP3s, I got them at
4/29/00 - New section, Humor, added
5/1/00 - Added a new episode summaries to the episode section. Brand new counter. Increases the loading time a bit, but I like it. I have a new daily schedule. From 4:15-5:00 I'm going to work on my new gundam computer game (for MAC only), which I'll put on this page once I'm done. From 5:00-5:30 I'll still be working on this page. And yes, I'm still working on fixing the pictures. Thanks for hanging in there.
5/2/00 - Added a new episode. Two new mechas, Vayeate and Epyon. Fixed the link for Mercurius. General updates made on several characters.
5/9/00 - OK, time to tell the truth. Angelfire's changed some things, which is cool, but it's giving me a lot of trouble about the images. I'm working my butt off to fix them, though. If I can't, I might have to move to a better provider or, better yet, get a better computer. Thanks for putting up with it for now, though. Today I added a new Episode, as some good news. Oh yeah, got even more good news and bad news. For you all-Anime fans, they put Sailor Moon back on Toonami. For you all-gundam wing fans (all of you), the last episode is coming. I'm sorry, I'd write the show if I could.

(most of the pictures on this page thanks to )
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