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The House Cleaning Boogie


That's right girls show'em how it's done.

Oh no! Here comes that stinky laundry.


Get them in there quick! Before we all faint!!
That was close, I was starting to get dizzy there for a minute.

While thats washing lets do some dishes.

Now, we will get the girls to sweep a little more


Laundry's done. Now time to do the ironing.


Now the fun stuff, the trash.


Time to mop.


Make sure you don't leave streaks!

Now remember beat the rugs before you put them back in place.

Now sit down and relax because you deserved it

And enjoy the rest of the day>

Now for those who need one of these, and you live in Northern Michigan.

check out Busy Bee's Cleaning Page

get this gear!

get this gear!

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