Draco Meets Orion Chapter 3: Meeting a Sister

disclaimer: I don’t own DBZ or any of its characters.

They got out of the car and saw a young woman circling a sixteen hand Friesian gelding on a long line at an extended trot. Echo unloaded Esperanza and led her over to where Gohan was standing. “Who’s that?” he inquired, gesturing at the young woman.

“Oh, that’s my sister, Lana. She’s lounging Raven before training him some more.” she explained. “Come on, I need to wash my filly.” she added while grabbing Gohan’s arm and pulling him along with her to the washing stall.

“Echo, why do you always pull me around?” he bluntly asked.

She flinched and looked at him. “Sorry, Gohan. Old habits die-hard. I’m used to keeping my guests away from Molly, (big black and white pet dog.) but she’s dead now.” Cecilia explained while gathering the washing supplies after tying Esperanza. She turned on the warm flow of water then grabbed the bottle of coat shampoo.

“Echo, I’ll help you with that.” he offered.

“Thanks, Gohan. Just remember to go easy on her skin.” she gently replied. He grabbed a clean sponge, dampening it with warm water. The teen girl shut off the water and they scrubbed the shampoo into the filly’s coat, causing a rich white lather to rise. The forest wraith shook herself, getting both Gohan and Echo sopping wet and sudsy. They burst out laughing, continuing to scrub the filly. Next, they rinsed her thoroughly and cleaned her mane and tail.

“Gohan, could you help me towel her down some?” Echo inquired.

“Sure.” he replied casually as he took hold of a large, dry, clean towel and began to rub the maiden mare with it. After a little bit, they took the silver snowflake filly out to the hotwalker and hooked her to it. Lastly, they got cleaned up, one at a time.

“Hey, Echo!” a voice called, “who’s your friend?”

“Hola, Lana. This is Son Gohan.” she replied while raising an eyebrow at her sister. “How was Raven today?” Cecilia then inquired.

“Rowdy as ever, but when it came down to the dressage, he behaved beautifully.” Lana casually replied. “It was nice to meet you, Son Gohan.” she added while leaving.

After dinner Echo sat in her room on her bed, thinking. She then felt a quiet presence in her room. “Who’s there?” the girl cried, easily wiping the fear out of her voice.

“It’s only me, Echo. I think that I should teach you Japanese.” Gohan stated gently.

“Oh, okay. Let’s begin.” the teen replied.