Draco Meets Orion Chapter 2: Heading for the Farm

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“We had better hop off here. Esperanza needs cooling out.” Echo stated with concern, as her filly’s flanks were heaving in and out. They leapt off of the spirited filly, easily landing. A small bag fell out of Gohan’s pocket as he leapt and it hit the ground with a small thump.

“Oops.” he muttered as he bent over to pick it up. Gohan easily caught up with the girl and her filly. “Cecilia, where are we going?” he curiously inquired.

The teen girl sharply turned and laughed. “You know how to get my attention. We’re going to my horse trailer. After cooling out this filly and loading her, we will go to my family’s small farm, Final Frontier. You can expect to see nine more horses and twenty Cocker Spaniels.” Echo explained.

“Twenty Cocker Spaniels?!” Gohan cried in shock. “Yes, Gohan, twenty. My Mom is one of the top breeders in the state. Five of her dogs have gone Best in Show in the Eukanuba Cup, so they’re in high demand. By the way, Gohan, you can call me Echo.” Cecilia concluded.

They reached the trailer and Echo pulled a lead rope out of a compartment. Then she placed it around the filly’s neck. She pulled the bridle off gently removing the bit from her mouth. “Gohan, her halter is in the compartment directly behind me. Would you please get it out and hand it to me?” the teen girl inquired.

“Sure, Echo.” he replied as he opened the door to pull out the halter. Then he handed it to his new friend.

“Thanks.” she murmured.

“You’re welcome.” Gohan replied.

Echo placed the halter over Esperanza’s ears and she felt Gohan take the bridle from her shoulder. Then she heard him place it in the compartment behind her. The teen girl clipped the lead rope to the ring under the maiden mare’s chin. Cecilia made eye contact with Gohan, her gratitude showing in her gray-blue eyes.

Echo cooled her horse out before expertly loaded her. “Come on, Gohan, we should get going. Don’t worry about my parents, I bring home all sorts of friends, so they won’t mind.” the teen girl stated easily. She got into the driver’s seat as Gohan shrugged and got into the passenger’s seat. Echo started the truck then headed for the highway.

“So, Echo, why were you in the forest?” Gohan inquired as she took a turn slowly.

“I was on a trial ride to school Esperanza for an A-rated show that is a few days from now.” she replied. They went on in silence for ten more minutes. “Here’s the road to our farm. You should expect a hive of activity, as five of our horses will be in the show.” she explained while pulling into the drive. Then she shut off the engine and pocketed the keys.