Draco Meets Orion

Echo Mitchell

author’s note: This is a dimensional cross-over. Mainly, the part in this , the Orion dimension, takes place in West Virginia. As to the name of the main character, she is called Cecilia Luz de Leon. Many of her friends call her Echo because of her intense interest in mythology. I came by the pen name of Echo Mitchell because my first fic had a mythological creature in it. Cecilia Luz de Leon and I are not the same!!!!

disclaimer: I do not own DBZ or any of its characters. I own Cecilia Luz de Leon, my sister, Anika, owns Lana Luz de Leon, and I own this story. Please don’t sue me!!!

Chapter 1: A Trail Ride

“Whoa, steady there, Esperanza!” Echo called reassuringly to her mount, Esperanza de la Estrella. She leaned forward, patting the filly’s neck gently. “Sometimes I’d swear that you were a forest spirit instead of an Appaloosa.” the teen affectionately murmured. Indeed, the beautiful three-year old’s attitude showed that she knew the forest. Echo managed to get her back under control and they forded Cross Creek.

A muffled boom sounded over the forest, nearly causing Echo to fall of her filly’s bare back. “What the.... This isn’t hunting season, I wonder what that could have been.” the teen girl worriedly stated. She then attempted to head Esperanza in the direction of the blast, but the filly balked like an ornery mule. “Esperanza, what are you trying to tell me?” Echo inquired.

The filly arched her neck around, her extended star showing between her eyes, and snorted. The information in that one snort was enormous. The girl understood and set down a different path. After a quarter mile had gone by, they heard someone moan.(AN. Gomen about this, but the thoughts and mental speech are in these: <>)

Hurriedly, they turned off the path, following the sound. Echo easily pulled her mount to a halt and hopped off. She flipped the reins over the filly’s head, then headed for the source of the moan. “Oh, Kami. This boy looks like he’s been through some battle.” the teenager murmured. Echo then carefully felt for a pulse and was relieved to find a strong one. She gently flipped him over causing shock to run over her features as well as showing in her gray-blue eyes. The Appaloosa filly tugged on the reins uncomfortably, nudging her friend’s shoulder.

Again the boy moaned, only this time he came around. “How are you feeling? It looks like someone really knocked you about.” a gentle soprano voice said to him. Sharply, he turned and came face to face with a beautiful girl who had raw auburn hair and gray-blue eyes.

“I’ll be fine. My name’s Son Gohan, what’s yours?” he stated with slight pain in his voice.

“My name is Cecilia Luz de Leon, but my friends call me Echo.” she informed him. Gohan stood up and saw the filly behind the girl pull back sharply giving off a frightened neigh. “Esperanza, steady girl. Can you stick on a horse?” she abruptly asked.

“HuhIthinksowhy?” he replied in one breath.

“My filly’s acting like something evil is coming." Echo explained. The teen girl easily flipped the reins back over her mount’s head and hopped up. Then she extended her hand down to Gohan and he grabbed it. She gave a pull as he hopped up and landed lightly on the Appaloosa’s back. “Better hold on to my waist. When Esperanza gallops, she’s like the wind.” Echo murmured.

“Sure.” he softly replied holding on to Echo’s waist. The filly took off like a rocket, her speed causing the wind to sing over their ears. All of a sudden, Gohan’s eyes went wide. Echo had a tremendous hidden power that enabled her to seem like part of the horse she rode. he thought to himself.

A ki blast hit the ground next to them. The forest spirit filly squealed, turning on the speed. Echo expertly guided the maiden mare over the rough ground and fallen logs. “What the hell was that?!” his aquatince cried in fear.

“A ki blast.” Gohan murmured in reply. Then he looked back over his shoulder and gasped. “Echo, is there a Mackyo Star in this place?” he inquired frightfully.

“Yes, there is one called Mackyo. It’s in the constellation Scorpius.” she replied with confusion. There was a sudden blur and the one who had fired at them stood there. The filly reared, grinding to a halt, shivering violently.

“Well, Gohan, it seems that you’ve already brought the Orion dimension into Draco’s problems. Maybe you should give up the goody two shoes act.” he taunted.

“I don’t think so, Spice. Esperanza git up!” the teen boy cried. She squealed and obligingly leapt into a gallop. The wraith’s metal clad hooves clattered across the road, she soared over a ditch, then galloped effortlessly up a steep hill.

“Spice, did you catch him?” a sinister voice growled from the shadows.

“No, Lord Garlic, I didn’t. Maybe we should look for him around this area. A filly carrying double can’t go far.” Spice respectfully reported.

author’s note: Both Son Gohan and Cecilia Luz de Leon are 19 years old for the majority of this story.