Okies guys, I know it's been a while in coming, but it will be worth it, I swear! Here it is, the last chapter to "Scars"! Yeehaw. I bet you're thrilled. -_- Anywho, onto the fic.

Title: Scars-Chapter 10

Author: Anika

Disclaimer: yes, as I matter of fact, I do own DBZ. (And when I awake from my delusions, you can all point and laugh at me.)

Thank You's: To Montana, who came up with the idea for the fic, and my kid sis, Echo, who kicked me in the butt to finish it.

Last time, in "Scars"


Montana looked up from her infant son when she heard a knock at the door. Glancing at the clock, she noted it was past midnight, and wondered who would be knocking at Capsule Corp. this late at night. Cautiously, she went to answer the incessant pounding, cradling Ethan in one arm.

As she cracked the door to peek out, she instantly recognized the profile of the figure.

"You said you could help me," it spoke, its voice low and hushed.


Montana's eyes widened as she flung the door open and gestured the android in. She set Ethan down in his playpen, and turned to face him.

"What makes you think that I trust you? You almost killed my son and me earlier today. You might try that again, and I'd have no way to stop you."

The black haired man laughed cockily and leaned against the doorframe.

"Girl, if I wanted you dead, you would be."

Montana grinned. That was exactly the answer she had been hoping for. He most defiantly was exactly like the Juunana she had left in her own dimension. The similarities were astounding, from the same bitterness in his voice to his awful fashion sense, he was virtually the same being. The demi-Sayiajin circled the Android with an appreciative eye.

"Astounding. Absolutely amazing."

Juunana raised an eyebrow at her antics, and retorted,

"I didn't come here to be admired. Now, you said you could help me. I want to know what you mean."

The blue haired woman cleared her throat and walked down towards the lab, motioning for him to follow.

"I come from an alternate universe. My companion, Miura, and I worked for that timeline's Bulma at Capsule Corp., and we were assigned to come up with a way to eradicate the androids here."

They entered the lab, with Montana still deep in explanation.

"We came up with this."

She reached into a file cabinet and produced a small CD Rom.

"Wait a minute," Juunana responded, "You're saying that you come from a different universe and you were sent to destroy me? And you want to do what exactly with that?" He indicated by pointing at the disk she held in her hand.

Montana looked at him quizzically, and then smiled. She almost forgot to tell him exactly what was on the disk.

"What I hold here is a computer virus. I would upload it into your system, and it eradicates all electronic components in your body, rendering you completely human."

"You mean," he whispered, "I would be free? I wouldn't have to kill anymore?"


He grinned.

"Let's do it. I am so sick of killing. I just want it all to end."

A worried look crossed Montana's face as she inserted the disk into her laptop and plugged an attachment into Juunana's skin.

"What about your sister? She won't do this voluntarily. In fact, she is going to be really pissed because of this."

His face grew serious as he thought about it for a moment, then he responded,

"I'll handle her. Don't worry about it."

Smiling, Montana pressed the Enter button on her computer to start the upload.

"Oh, I forgot to warn you, this might-"

She was interrupted by the scream of pain that ripped from the man's throat.



Trunks carried an unconscious Miura into the house very quietly and up to her room. Putting her onto her bed and pulling the covers up over her, he gave a gentle smile and brushed a few strands of indigo hair out of her face. Miura, quite asleep, leaned into his touch and sighed softly.

Trunks recoiled, as if he had been bitten. Not that that would have bothered him.... where did that come from, he wondered. He turned from the slumbering Saiyajin and headed for the door, but stopped short when he heard a faint voice behind him.

"Trunks. Don't leave me. Please."

He turned as saw Miura, half awake and reaching for him. He quickly walked back to her side and took her outstretched hand.

"Miura, I'm here. I won't leave you."



This touching moment was broken, however, by the sound of a horrible scream. Both of the saiyajin's heads shoot up and they got up to investigate.

"What are you doing, Miura? You're hurt. Get back in bed."

She looked at him defiantly, although a bit unsteady on her legs.


He sighed, knowing how stubborn she could be. There was no stopping her when she was determined to do something.

"Well then, come on. But don't come crying to me when you fall over dead."

"I don't plan on it."

With that, they went to investigate what was going on.

They ran/hobbled down the steps and into the lab, were the screams were coming from. Skidding to a halt, Trunks saw his worst fear come true before his very eyes. One of them was in his house!

He powered up, and was ready to fight when Miura calmly put a hand on his arm.

"Trunks, he isn't your enemy." she whispered.

"What are you talking about?" he yelled back at her, "Of course he's my enemy!"

The android rose from his knees, were up until recently he had been screaming in pain.

"Not anymore," Montana broke in, coming out from behind the lab table. "I just uploaded the virus into his system."

The android's face went through thousands of contortions as he felt feeling he hadn't in what seemed a million years. The emotion that his body finally settled on, however, was fear as he came face to face with his mortal enemy, and had no powers to defend himself.

His pale blue eyes widened as he backed away from Trunks and Miura.

Trunks lowered his hand and let his Ki dissipate. He shook his head in disbelief and walked twoards the geneticist and the now human Juunana.

"So, he doesn't want to kill anymore, right?"

Montana started to answer, but Trunks interupted her.

"No, I want to hear his answer. Do you, android, want to kill anymore?"

Juunana swallowed and shook his head. Finding his tongue, he answered,

"No, I don't. In fact, I'm willing to help you capture my sister."

"No help is neccesary," a voice from behind Miura, who was still standing in the doorway, sounded. The demi-saiya-jin was shoved from behind, and she skidded acrossed the room, crashing into a very large exam table.

"How did you find this place?" Montana demmanded, readying her fighting stance. Miura shook herself off and stood as well, prepared to fight.

The figure walked into the light, and revealed itself to be Juuhachi.

"Very simple, my dear," she purred. "I followed my nitwit brother. It seems that he has begun thinking with his libido rather than with his brain, so I decided that his fate, along with everyone else's here, would that he would be destroyed."

"Look around, Juuhachi," Trunks gloated. "There are three saiya-jins here, and only one of you. I'd say your odds are pretty bad."

The blonde snorted. "I never cared about odds. I usually survive, no matter what they are."

Her arms were suddenly hanked behind her, as Juunana was able to sneak behing his sibling. She laughed and with a flick of her wrist, sent him flying into the opposite wall.

"Please, brother," she taunted, "You no longer pose a threat to me! I always knew I was the strongest!"

Miura attacked then, with lightening speed. She charged at the female android and, when she seemed about to punch her, Miura fazed out. Juhachi spun around, expecting an attack from behind, but the indigo haired saiya-jin, by trademark, fazed back in right where she had disappeared and kneed the Jinzonengin in the back.

The other two took that as their cue, and started to attack as well, throwing punches and kicks in where they could.

"You will all run out of energy soon enough," Juhachi laughed, as she she kept dodging all their manuvers.

"She's just trying to tire us out!" Montana yelled to Trunks and Miura. They both nodded in acknowledgement, but kept fighting.

Montana leapt out of the fray adn ran over to the tabel where the virus sat. She got the cable connector and yelled out,

"Hold her!"

Trunks and Miura suddenly reached out for the android's arms, and got a good grip. Montana quickly placed the connector into Juhachi's arm and activated the virus.

"Even if you upload this into my system, I will hunt you down and kill you! All of you!" she cried. Then, a screech of pain erupted from her throat and she fell to her knees as the virus rendered her human.

* * * * * * *

Bulma walked downstairs the next morning, groggy eyed. When she saw Montana and Ethan, along with Juunana, she gasped.

"It's ok, Bluma," Montana assured, "Juunana is not a killer anymore."

Bulma sighed in releif. "What about his sister, though," she asked.

It was Montana's turn to sigh. "We have no idea. After the virus was uploaded into her system, she swore that she would take revenge on us, then ran out of the lab. I never thought that it was possible to run right after the virus is uploaded. Most people are incappacitated for at least an hour, but she tore out of here like a bat outa hell."

Bulma gave a small chuckle at that, then turned to Juunana. "You are welcome to stay here as long as you want to."

He nodded, then turned to MOntana.

"So, that's my son, huh?"

Montana blushed. "Technically, no. But yes, in a way."

He nodded, reaching his hand up to touch the infant's face. A chubby hand intercepted his, however, and Ethan grabbed ahold of a finger. Juunana's face melted into a small smile as he met his 'son' for the first time.

A rumble was heard coming from the stairway, and Trunks raced down, being chased closely by Miura.

"So, what's for breakfast?" they both asked at the same time. Giving each other a wary look, they took their places at the table.

Bulma turned to the four of them, and smiled. "Before we eat-"

"Awe, man!" Miura interupted. Bulma gave the girl a sharp glare and continued.

"Before we eat, I want to show you all something." From behind her back, the older woman produced a flat, shiny object.

"What is it?" Montana asked, intrigued. Bulma smiled.

"This is a para-dimensional communicator. It will allow you to talk to others in the other timeline."

A chorus of, "Dude!"'s and "Why didn't I think of that"'s resounded for a few moments, then they rushed down to the lab to try it out.

Bulma flipped the switch and it started to glow a bright neon green color. The face of Vegeta popped onto the screen, covered in shaving cream.

"What is that?" he yelled, and powered up a ki blast, preparing to knock it into the next dimension.

"Vegeta? Is that you?" Montana said.

The saiya-jin narrowed his eyes and neared the portal. The portal, in his dimension, turned out to be the bathroom mirror.

"Brat? Where have you been?"

Montana smiled at Miura, and Miria Bulma got a little misty-eyed.

"We're stuck in this dimension. Miura crashed the ship into the side of a mountain."

"That wasn't my fault!" The other girl whined.

Vegeta rolled his eyes, then yelled over his shoulder.

"Woman! Brat! Get in here!"

Soon, that dimension's Bulma and Trunks were staring into the bathroom mirror intently.

"Hi everyone!" Miura waved madly. "What's up? What have we missed?"

"Well," Bulma started. "Goku's dead...again. And Trunks here married Pan..."

"What?" Miura asked.

"Its been 20 years since you've left. Time goes on."

The two demi-saiya-jins looked at each other in despair. They had only been gone for two weeks.

"Time must go faster in that reality," Miria Bulma offered as an explination.

"What else has happened?" Montana asked.

"Um, let's see....Puar wished to be a human, and three years later, she married Tien. They have a little girl named Chila. Piccolo is stilla round...somewhere. Dende is still Kami, and he just upgraded the Dragonballs a couple of months ago. Nothing much else has happened."

Miura smiled a small, sad smile. "Well, we can't come back, so we wanted to tell you that we were successful here."

"You were?" Trunks asked. "That's awesome!"

The green light started to fizzle and pop.

"The signal is dying out!" Montana shouted overtop the noise. "Tell everyone who we knew that we're ok!"

Bulma nodded her head, and then the portal closed.

Everyone disperesed back to the kitchen to eat their breakfast, but Miura wandered outside. Seeing her disstress, Trunks followed her.

"What's wrong, Miura?" he asked her as she took a seat on an old tire swing in the back yard.

"Nothing," she answered, "Its just as if they all forgot about us. He forgot me..."

She trailed off as her tears came fresh and streamed down her cheeks.

Trunks reached out and lifted her chin so that she could look into his eyes.

"If it makes you feel any better," he said softly, "I'd never forget you."

Miura smiled thorugh her tears, and then leaned over the tire swing to kiss him.