Chapter 2

"What if you did

What if you lied what if I avenge

What if eye for an eye"

-Creed, "What If"

The next days were grueling, Montana and Miura coming up with brilliant ideas, then the Z senshi shooting them down one after another. The days spent in the basement made their eyes quite sensitive to daylight. Both had become extremly pale, for they both stayed in their office until late at night. The project was grueling.Then one day, Miura was reading the schematics for the Jinzounengen when a sudden realization dawned on her.


The American slowly put her newspaper down and responded, "Yes?"

"We've been focusing on the human part of the androids, right? And nothing we've come up with seems to work. But I've been thinking about the system that operates them. Inside all that flesh and blood is just a computer system. A very advanced computer system, but one just the same. All they are essentially is a big, walking computer."

"So," continued Montana, rising up out of her chair, catching on, "How to disable a computer system?"

Both looked at each other and shared triumphant expressions.

"Virus!" they exclaimed at the same time.

"Before we propose this idea to the others, we'd better get to work on it," Montana suggested. "Mi', you get to work on disabling the computer systems, and I'll give them the worst cold they've ever had."

After days of leaning over the computer screen and microscope, they felt they had a rough idea of what they were going to say to the others.


That is the best idea yet!" Bulma exclaimed as Montana told her of their success. "I'm really proud of you two!" Everyone had gotten together to hear the news. Even Piccolo had shown up, even though Miura thought that it was to find another hole in the project.

"This new plan of yours has 1 flaw," the Namek spoke up. Miura rolled her eyes in anticipation.

"What's that?"

"How do you plan on implanting the virus on the Jinzounengen?"

"Well," the indigo-haired girl started, "The virus has to come into physical contact with the andriods to be aborbed into the system."

"So, what you're saying is that you have to touch them? Sounds dangerous," Yamcha commented.

"No, not really. While we fight them, it should distract them enough so that the virus could be implanted," Montana explianed.

"Oh," Goku said. "Wait a minute, did you say-'While we fight them'? As in you and us?"

"More precisly, Miura, myself, and the Trunks from that timeline."

"And how do you pan on doing that without getting killed? You are weak females, as well as being humans. You wouldn't last five second against them." Vegeta shot at them, scowling as usual.

Bulma looked sheepishly at her husband, then at the rest of the Saiya-jins in their midst. "For the last three weeks, these two girls have been undergoing a DNA enhacing proccess that Montana came up with. She has been able to combine the Saiya-jin DNA with hers and Miura's so that they will be able to fight the androids there."

"I can't beleive this!!" Vegeta roared. "You stole my blood without asking me? You've done some pretty dumb thigs in your life woman, but this tops them all!" At this point, he was face to face witht he petite woman, staring her down.

"Would you shut up and listen to me!" Bulma screeched at her mate, causing everyone to cover their ears. "They needed to be enhanced because they have to go to the Mirai timeline personally and deliver the virus to its hosts. And anyway, the Saiya-jin DNA donor was Radditz, not any of you. When he died, I took some samples from him, just in case we would need any. Miura is about 1/3 Saiya-jin, while Montana is 1/2. They still need to go through a couple more treatements before they leave."

"That will give us time to train and get stronger," Miura stated. "We'd better go and get ready. We only have about two months." The two were about ready to leave when Bulma called out to them.

"Wait!! You can train here with Vegeta and Trunks." The prince of the Saya-jins scowled at the prospect of training two more brats, while Trunks' face lit up with the prospect of having two girls his age in the house.

"We have plenty of room," Bulma continued, "and having you here will be easier for me to know how the project is going. And besides, my lab is more advanced than the one at Capsule Corp."

The two girls looked at each other and shrugged.

"I can stay. How 'bout you, Mi'?"

"I don't see why not."

So they moved into the Vegeta-Breifs household and began their pupilage in the 'Vegeta school of hard knocks.'