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This is the transformation list. It takes 1 day to learn each transformation. If any of the below info is incorrect, please email me and tell me what the correct info is. I'll change it ASAP. Also if you know of any other transformations, please email me all the info on it. If you create a race, and want them to have transformations, please email me with the proper info. And please no more then 3 transformations. Also you cannot use the Kao Ken attack while in any transformation.

Saiyan Transformations


When a Saiyan turns Ozaruu, he turns into a huge ape type monster. It increases the Saiyan's strength, but also makes him a bit slower and they don't have as many attacks. There are a couple conditions to turn into a Ozaruu. First you must have a tail. If you do not have a tail, then you can't transform. You also need to look at a full moon. To do that, you will need to learn the Simulated Moon Blast. You can also learn the Controlled Ozaruu. There is another form of Ozaruu, and it is called the Golden Ozaruu. You must be in SSJ form, then look at a full moon (It's actually a full Earth, but I will just make it a full moon).
Attack List For Ozaruu

Super Saiyan (SSJ)

All Saiyans can transform into a Super Saiyan. It doesn't matter if you are a quarter Saiyan or full Saiyan, you can transform. You have to have the required amount of PL to transform. The only requirement to turn SSJ4 is you must be full Saiyan. If you are half Human or a quarter Human, you cannot transform into SSJ4. All of your stats will increase greatly.

Changeling Transformations

The Changeling Transformation is only for the race known as Changelings (Ex. Frieza, Coola, King Cold). From what I know Frieza has 4 transformations, Coola has 5, and King Cold only has 3.

Cell Transformations

Cell has 2 transformations. Perfect Cell and Ultra Perfect Cell.

Android Transformations

Androids have one transformation. It is called Super Android. I've only heard about this transformation from other people and other sites.

Buu Transformations

I'm not to sure on how many transformations Buu have. So I will give them 2. Evil Buu and Super Buu.

Namek Transformations

Nameks only have 1 transformation. It's called Super Namek. I know this is a real transformation, because Slug did it in Movie 4.
Other Transformations

These transformations are for races that don't have transformations or races that I forgot to add. You will be able to have 3 transformations. Replace the *** with the race of your character.

Created Transformations

These transformations are for created races. Since there are a lot of different created races, they will have their own page. If you want to create your own transformations for your created race, remember only 3 transformations per created race. Click here.