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Planet Vegeta

Planet Vegeta

Welcome to the Planet Vegeta. This is the home planet of all Saiyans. If you are a Saiyan, then you should visit this planet often.

  Here's the Training Chart

 This is the Saiyan Item Shop. Here at the Saiyan Item Shop you can purchase several Saiyan items. If you would like to buy anything, make sure you email me. You cannot use any items, until I post it up on your characters profile.

 Saiyan Village. There are many Saiyan Villages on the Planet Vegeta. At a Saiyan Village there are Saiyan Elders. You can learn the Controlled Ozarru from them. It takes 1 week to learn this. There are also Saiyan repairmen who will repair your armor for a fee of $25.

  Here is Saiyan Training Center. You can train, spar or battle here. For every 20 min you train, you will gain 20,000 PL, 200 HP, and 150 EP. Since it is so intense in here, you will need to eat a Senzu Bean, or go into the rejuvinator for every 6 hours you train. If you are sparring, you will gain 25,000 PL and 250 Ep/Hp for every twenty minutes. For every time you spar you will get $25. You can only spar 3 times a day. For every extra person you spar with, you add 100 to each for every twenty minutes.