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The Next Dimension

Next Dimension

Welcome to the Next Dimension. If you just died, then you are at the check out station. You can begin your journey, traveling Snake Way. This will take you 1 day to do. You can jump off of Snake Way and train with the twin ogre's in HFIL. Once you finish traveling Snake Way, you can begin your training with King Kai. Enjoy, and don't forget to be safe and not fall off of Snake Way.

  Here's the Training Chart

  HFIL. If you fell off of Snake Way, or jumped off, then you will be confronted by large twin ogres. One is blue and the other is red. You can learn some valuable techniques from them. The Blue Ogre will teach you the 2x Strength. This will take 1 week to learn. The Red Ogre will teach you 2x Speed. This will also take 1 week. You can also buy some King Yemma Fruit down here. It costs $300 a piece, and you can only buy 2 pieces. Once eaten it will double all of your stats. After training with the ogres, you will have to start traveling Snake Way from the beginning.

  Bubbles. You can attempt to catch Bubbles. For everyday you attempt to catch Bubbles, you will gain 250 to your HP. It will take 3 days to catch him.

  Gregory. You can attempt to hit Gregory. For everyday you attempt to hit Gregory, you will gain 150 to your EP. It will take 3 days to hit him.

  King Kai. He will teach you the Spirit Bomb and the Kao Ken attack. The Spirit Bomb takes 1 week to learn. The Kao Ken attack takes 1 week to learn, but if you want to learn Kao Ken 1-10, it will take you 3 weeks. You can also train with him for 1 week. If you train with him, he will increase your stats by 75%. You can only do this once per month. You can buy a pair Super Weighted Clothing. They cost $350 and they increase your PL by 5,000 if you train with them.

  Here is the Next Dimension Battle Grounds. You can train, spar or battle here. For every 20 min you train, you will gain 20,000 PL, 200 HP, and 150 EP.