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Planet Namek

Planet Namek

Welcome to the Planet Namek. This is the home planet of all Nameks. If you are a Namek, then you should visit this planet often. Here you can find the Namekian set of Dragon Balls.

  Here's the Training Chart

 This is Namek Item Shop. Here at the Namek Item Shop you can purchase several Namekian items. If you would like to buy anything, make sure you email me. You cannot use any items, until I post it up on your characters profile.

  Here is Guru's Tower. Guru has the ability to bring out your inner power. It takes 4 days to find Guru. Once you find him, he will double your stats. This can only be done once per character.

 Namekian Village. There are many Namekian Villages on the Planet Namek. At a Namekina Village there are Namekian Elders. You can learn the Namekian Language from them. It takes 2 days to learn this.

 Namekian Warrior Palace. This is very new to Namek. After being attacked by numerous enemies they have finally decided to open up a training center for all Nameks to train on. The problem is only Nameks can train here. Also if you are a Namek, you can purchase a personal training session. For $1,500 you get to train with one of the Namekian Warriors (You get to name him). Each Namekian Warrior stats are exactly the same as yours. After one week you will have your stats doubled (As will his). Also you have the choice to take the Namekian Warrior along with you. Since you are both Namekian you can have the option to permanently fuse with him. You will then add both of your stats together. You can also change names if you want. For example: Kamiccolo (Kami-Piccolo). This can only be done once.

  Here is Namekian Battle Grounds. You can train, spar or battle here. For every 20 min you train, you will gain 10,000 PL, 75 HP, and 50 EP. If you are sparring, you will gain 25,000 PL and 250 Ep/Hp for every twenty minutes. For every time you spar you will get $25. You can only spar 3 times a day. For every extra person you spar with, you add 100 to each for every twenty minutes.