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Here are the Weapons for the Weapons Self. If you create a new race of characters, and you want them to have a special weapon, then email me the name of it, the price, how much damage it does, and if you need to be at a certain level or have a certain ability to use it.

Weapons(Damage means HP it takes away)

  • Staff
    Damage 100
  • Power Pole
    Damage 150 This staff can extend on both sides to hit enemies far away, it can also be used as at a short range.
  • Short Sword
    Damage 75
  • Broad Sword
    Damage 150
  • Katana
    Damage 175
  • Sais
    Damage 135
  • Brass Knuckles
    Adds 50 AD to your punches.
  • Brass Boots
    Adds 50 AD to your kicks
  • Master Sword
    Damage 500
  • Zues Sword
    Damage 8,000 One of the strongest swords in my RPG, only Humans can use this sword. Must be at a PL of 850,000 to buy it.
  • Guru Blade
    Damage 8,000. Another powerful sword, can only be used by Nameks. Must have a PL of 850,000.
  • Frieza Blade
    Damage 8,000. A sword only used by the alien race of Frieza (Must have a PL of 850,000, and can only use it while in their 1st form.
  • Z Sword
    Damage=10,000 (Most powerful sword in my RPG. Only Saiyans can use it and must have at a PL of 1,000,000 to use it.). Can't use it if transformed into a Ozurru or Super Saiyan.