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Saiyan Item Store

Welcome to the Saiyan Item Store.

Here you can purchase many different items. These items can be used by all characters. Just make sure you have enough cash to buy what you want.

Misc. Items
Scouter: $25. This allows you to search for things faster. It takes 3 days to find Dragonballs.
Weighted Clothes: $100. If you train with one of these, then your PL will increase by 2,000.
Saiyan Armor: $300. If worn in battle, will reduce all attacks by half for 10 turns. After that they will need to be repaired.
Saibamen: $50. These little guys are used to train and spar with. They can also go into battles for you. They start off with a PL of 1,000, and an HP/EP of 500. They can increase their stats by training with you. (There is a limit of 2 Saibamen per character).
Saiyan Cells: $250. Once injected into your body, you will heal faster in the rejuvenator. It will take 2 hours to heal. Can only be used by Saiyans. You only need to buy them once.

Weapons Shelf
Staff: $25. AD=100
Power Pole: $75. AD=200
Short Sword: $30. AD=125
Broad Sword: $50. AD=150

Space Pods
Saiyan Space Pod: $175. This space pod only holds one person. It takes 5 days to travel to each planet, and it cannot hold a gravitron. It does come with a rejuvenator.
Saiyan Space Ship: $350. This space ship can hold unlimited amounts of people. You can purchase a gravitron and a rejuvenator for this ship. It takes 3 days to travel to each planet.
Rejuvenating Tank: $500. This allows you to heal from battles that you may have been injured from. It takes 5 hours to heal from each battle.