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Dragon Balls


The Dragon Balls are 7 magical balls that when are braught together wakes up the Eternal Dragon. Depending on which Dragon you wake you will be given a certain amount of wishes. There are 3 sets of Dragon Balls: The Earth Dragon Balls, the Namek Dragon Balls, and the Black Star Dragon Balls.

You have to find the Dragon Balls with a scouter or Dragon Ball Radar. You can use a Nimbus Cloud (Only on Planet Earth) to make the searching go faster.

When you collect all 7 Dragon Balls, you will need to send me an email with what you want to wish for.

!!!Wishes you cannot make!!!
Eternal Life
To kill a character
To destroy a planet
Learn more moves
To fuse with the Dragon Balls

!!!Wishes that can be made!!!*
3x your stats
3x your team stats
$1,000 at most
Multiple Characters brought back to life
Double your AD for moves that you already know

*There are many other wishes that can be made, I just put up a few examples.

Wishes made with the Earth Dragon Balls: