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Fanfic Battles

This is all the fanfic battles that have taken place in my RPG. You can either write the fanfic yourself, then send it to me in an email, or I can make up the fanfic myself. If you write it out, you must make good use of the stats. Also don't make it longer then 1 paragraph. If I write it out, then I take a look at each characters stats and attacks. I then write out a story (Usually 1 paragraph). I decide the winner and loser.

Vegeta vs. Teen Trunks

Teen Trunks was feeling pretty good after training. He wanted to test out his new strength on the first person he saw. As he was flying around, he noticed Vegeta searching for the Super God Water. Teen Trunks landed in front of Vegeta and asked if he would like to do a little sparring. Vegeta always looking for a good challenge, said yes. Teen Trunks flew in front of Vegeta and threw random punches and kicks. Vegeta dodged them all with ease, and elbowed Teen Trunks in the stomach. Teen Trunks fell to one knee, then did a leg sweep and knocked Vegeta on his back. Teen Trunks jumped up and fired a ki blast, but Vegeta dematerialized behind Teen Trunks and kicked him in the back. By this time Teen Trunks was getting a little upset that Vegeta was a little faster then he was. He powered up and flew towards Vegeta and started to punch him in the stomach and face. Vegeta realizing that Teen Trunks was actually wanting to fight, powered up and fired a Kamehameha at Teen Trunks. Teen Trunks flew back and hit a tree. He slowly got up and tried to fire a ki blast, but Vegeta appeared in front of him and kicked him in the jaw. Teen Trunks flew back at the tree again, but this time he split the tree in half. Vegeta realizing that he has injured Teen Trunks , took him to Kami's Lookout so that he could rest and heal from his injuries. Vegeta then continues his search for the Super God Water.
Winner: Vegeta                   Loser: Teen Trunks 

Jake vs. Sky Belon

Jake and Vegeta were training together surrounded by mountains and forest. In a different part of the area Sky belon was training as well. "Get ready to train your hardest Jake" says vegeta. Vegeta powers up and the sky starts to turn black. Sky Belon notice it after He blew away some trees. Sky Belon flies into the air and flies turns the source. He finally reaches the spot and notice Vegeta and Jake sparring.Sky belon fires three ki blast at them to get their attention. Vegeta looks up and notices that Sky Belon want to fight. Vegeta is about to fly into the air but jake stops him and powers up and flies at Belon and they start to fight. Vegeta stands with his arms crossed with a smirk on his face and wearing his scouter. Sky Belon and Jake were punching and kicking faster then the eye can see. Jake demateralizes behind Sky Belon after he fires a ki blast into his face. Jake grabs him and starts to fly to the ground. Jake lets go before they crash. Sky belon crashes infront of vegeta. Vegeta starts to laugh as Sky Belon starts to power up to hi max and start to fire ki blast at Jake hitting him with every shot. Jake start to fall to the ground as Sky belon catches him and starts to throw him against the trees. Jake is bleeding bad as Sky Belon throws Jake a couple of feet away from Vegeta. Sky Belon powers up to his max and is about to kill Jake. "KAMEHAMEHA" as a powerful beam blows Sky belonway into the forest and out the other side. Sky Belon crashes into a mountain and lays on the ground. vegeta picks Jake and flies away toward his ship to put him in the rejuvenator. Sky Belon regains conscinceness and vows to get even with Vegeta and Jake as he gets up and flies away to a rejuvenator.
Winner: Jake                   Loser: Sky Belon