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DBZ News- In September, 2000 Cartoon Network will start airing season 4. You will be able to purchase the first 6 episodes of season 4 on VHS tape May 16, 2000. There will be A DBZ promotion at a fastfood company in the future.

That is all the news for now. I will keep you posted on new topics when I get the info. Enjoy the rest of the site.

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Saiyan Dimention

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Piccolo- 28,000,000

Gohan- 35,000,000

SSJ Gohan: 25,000,000
SSJ2 Gohan: 45,000,000
Gohan with the Z sword: 53,500,000
Kaioshin Gohan- 50,000,000

Son Goten: 1,500,000

Son Goten Super Saiyan: 10,000,000

Trunks: 1,500,000

SSJ Trunks: 10,000,000

Gotenks: 3,000,000

SSJ Gotenks: 20,000,000
SSJ3 Gotenks: 75,000,000

Goten: 1,500,000

SSJ Goten: 10,000,000

Vegeta: 5,000,000

SSJ Vegeta: 26,500,000
SSJ2 Vegeta: 49,000,000
Majin Vegeta(SSJ2)- 50,000,000

Vegeto: 10,000,000

SSJ Vegeto: 53,500,000
SSJ2 Vegeto: 99,500,000
Vegeto if Vegeta could have gone Super Saiyan 3: 159,499,999

Goku- 34,500,000

SSJ Goku: 49,500,000
SSJ3 Goku: 79,999,999
Goku Mega Genki Dama(Spirit Bomb): 100,000,000

Chibi Trunks- 14,000,000

Gotenks: 3,000,000

SSJ Gotenks: 20,000,000
SSJ3 Gotenks: 75,000,000

Android 18- 14,999,999

Doubler- 32,000,000

Kaioshin- 14,000,000

Kibit- 16,000,000

Yam- 30,000,000

Babidid- 10

Babidid using magic- 1,000

Supopo- 30,000,000

Dabura- 33,000,000

Fat Buu: 45,000,000

Majin Buu: 80,000,000
Good Buu: 55,000,000
Evil Buu: 65,000,000
Super Buu: 70,000,000
Ultimate Buu: 50,000,000
Majin Gotenks Buu: 90,000,000