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Monday 4/10/00

Neo- 10:51pm est: Sory for no update over the weekend. I was really busy. Well, anyway there isn't much going on except that i'm fixing up the pages again.

Friday 4/7/00

Neo- 10:51pm est: I'm starting to work on a Ginyu force profile section. So far I only have Captain Ginyu comepleted.

Neo- 8:49pm est: I made a Goten profile. You'll find it under the Z-Fighters section.

Neo- 3:04pm est: There will no longer be a pic of the week. It was pointless and stupid, so I scrapped it. The main page will only be used for news and the poill of the month. I've placed the poll where the news used to be, over in the right nav bar, and I will be making a separate page for the DBZ News. Well, i'm going to the mall. See ya later.

Neo- 2:44pm est: Well, THANK GOD IT'S FRIDAY!!! I've been working my ass of on all the profiles, but there are still plenty more to go. I'm finished the Fusions page, and I created a Bad Guys page. So far I only have Frieza done for the bad guys section, but I plan to put up Buu, Cell, Vegeta, Nappa, the Ginyu Force, Broly, and probably more.

Thursday 4/6/00

Neo- 10:51pm est: The Gotenks profile is finished. It's under the fusions page along with Vegetto and Gogeta. I just have one more person to put up in the fusions section then its off to bad guys and all the others.

Neo- 8:59pm est: I've comepleted the Vegetto profile, and I put up definitions for the different kinds of fusions.

Wednesday 4/5/00

Neo- 10:15pm est: The Z-Fighters section is finally comeplete. I just finished putting up the Yamcha profile. I'm working on finishing the Fusions. I'm putting up Vegetto and Gotenks.

Tuesday 4/4/00

Neo- 10:27pm est: I put up a new April, 2000 Poll because i didn't like the other one. Go vote on it. Thanks.

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