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To attack type ::Attack Name:: attack damage, and then type ::hit:: to hit your opponent. Here's an example ::Kamehameha::100 ::hit::. Remember you must take turns unless an attack says differently like ::tri attack:: where you get to attack your opponent 3 times in a turn. You roll 2 6-sided dice then add up the numbers to see who goes first, the biggest number goes first. If you roll two 1's then you will automatically go first.

To defend you must type ::block:: before your opponent types ::hit::. If the blocking if succesful the attack does half the damage.

A finisher is different. To use it your opponent must be under the finishers attack power. For example: My opponent has 500hp left, and my finishers power is 500 so then i would: ::Sword Slash::500 ::hit::. You cannot block a finisher.

Remember after every spar to paste the battle into e-mail and send it to me so i can put your new p/ls in the roster.

If somebody kills you, you go to King Kai's for 5 days. They are also your enemies now and each time you fight them it will be to the death. If you are dead you may only train with dead peeps. After 5 days you are alive again and gain 1,000 power level. NOTE: You can only die 5 times otherwise you will have to be revived with the Dragonballs. If I will see that you forfeit on purpose or if you don't don't do nothing after someone attacks you I will not count that battle!!!

All Attacks must be spelled correctly with the ":: ::" or it won't count and will have to be re-typed.

NOTE: If you will not spar for more than a week i might(doesn't mean I will) throw you off the guild!!!

Sparring limit is 1000 a day!!!

NO COPYING AND PASTING!!! or your P/L and attacks will be reseted. Also if you'll use bad language anytime and I see it then I will not give you a warning and I will reset your character's p/l!!!

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