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Goku(CellJr200) Fighting Vegeta(Dnthome)

(SSJ Goku) (CellJr200)

  • Power Level - 9,999,999,999,999,999,999,999

  • Health - 9,999,999,999,999,999,999,999

  • Coins - Infinite

  • Race - Saiyin

  • Saiyin Forms - SSJ1, SSJ2, SSJ3, SSJ4, SSJ5, SSJ6, SSJ7, SSJ8, SSJ9, SSJ10, Mega Saiyin, Ultima Saiyin, Invincible Saiyin, Inferno Saiyin, and Perfect Super Saiyin.

  • Attacks -

  • Punch - 5,000

  • Kick - 5,000

  • Spirit Bomb - 10,000

  • Ki Blast - 10,000

  • Kaio-Ken- 10,000

  • Finisher - Super Saiyin- 100,000

  • Stealing - 10%

  • Abilities - Able to control self Breathe Underwater, Build UnderWater/Ground, Able to learn moves in half the time, Able to Catch Animals, Able To Use Psychic Moves, Able to use the ability Time Freeze, Able to use the healing power(heals 50% Of Damage), Random Ability: roll a 1-5 and each number is differant, Able to teleport,Able to Sence people's Ki, Able To Do Candy Voice, Able To Do a Element Wall:(Water, Ice, Fire, Air, Poision, Clouds, Ground, Glass, and Rock), Able To Increase power of spirit bomb(Must have Spirit Bomb as attack, Able to Gain Power From Galaxy(Only For The Ability That is above), Able to Reverse Bad Luck Attack, Talk Monster, Able to Control "YOUR" Planets conditions, Able to hide your Ki, Able to teach other people moves, Able to make own Dragon Balls, Fear Factor:You are Uneffected by attacks that cause fear status, Ability to use:Sweet Trap, Able To Use Inferno Attack, Able To Use The Cyber Move, Able To use: Revive, Able to Breath in Space, Speak Namik, PlANET DESTROYER BLAST/Ball-high p/l-take all of it,destroyes a planet, Able to Build Shape-Shift:Must Complete Shape-Shifting School, Use 2 Weapons Or More:Learn Flare Up,or Complete Shape-shifting school, Toughness Meter:Just Destroy a Tree of Might,then ask for this "ability", Excape Dead Zone in a Hour, Heat Reaction:You can last longer in deserts and other hot areas, Cold Reaction:You Can Last Longer In cold Areas, Chain Reaction:You Can Last A Very Long Time in Deserts With Out a Senzu Bean or holy water, to get infinite Money, make own items, to turn invisible without leaving Ki behind, able to regenerate self, use kaio-ken times 2 to 10,000 to increase power level and strength, be able to use Gears, Guymelefs, and Gundams, and Able to turn into all saiyin forms including undiscovered forms.

  • Status & Items - Alive. 30 Tom Fruits, 50 Tom seeds, 50 Tom Bags, 6 Muggers Gloves, 30 Senzu Boxes, 50 Senzu beans, 15 Dragon Ball Radar, 5 Scouters, 10 Senzu Bags, 7 PowerPole, 5 Super Saiyin Armor, 5 Fusion Earings, Golden Chest 162%/200%

  • DBS - 1

  • Planet - Dragon

  • Gears - 9

  • Guymelefs - 1

  • Gundams - 10

  • Pics of SSJ Goku's Gears and Guymelef

    Gear Weltall

    Gear Weltall-2

    Gear Fenrir

    Guymelef Escaflowne

  • Gears (Brighander, Heimdal, Weltall, and Renmazuo. These are all my gears.)

  • Gears - Renmazuo(Weapons: Handgun and Shotgun, El-Renmazuo(Weapons: Handgun and Shotgun), Brighander(Weapons: Titanium Whip), Andarvi(Weapons: Plasma Whip), Heimdal(Weapons: None), Fenrir(Weapons: Kijin Sword), Weltall(Weapons: None), Weltall-2(Weapons: None), and Xenogears(Weapons: Special Wings)

  • Guymelefs - Escaflowne(Weapons: Long Sword)

  • Gundams - Wing Gundam(Weapons: Vulcan Gun, Machine Cannon, Buster Rifle, and Beam Saber),Wing Gundam Zero(Weapons: Twin Buster Rifle, Beam Saber, Machine Cannon, and Wing Vulcan Gun), Altron(Weapons: Twin Beam Trident, Vulcan Gun, Beam Cannon, Dragon Fang, and Flamethrower), Shen-Long(Weapons: Vulcan Gun, Beam Glaive, Dragon Fang, and Flamethrower), Deathscythe Hell(Weapons: Twin Beam Scythe, Vulcan Gun, Hyper-Jammer, Buster Shield, and Active Cloak), Deathscythe (Weapons: Vulcan Gun, Machine Cannon, Beam Scythe, Buster Shield, and Hyper-Jammer), Epyon(Weapons: Beam Sword, and Heat Rod), Heavyarms(Weapons:Vulcan Gun, Machine Cannon, Beam Gatling Gun, Homing Missile, Gatling Gun, Micro-Missiles, and Army Knife), Mercurius(Weapons: Beam Gun, Crash Shield, and Planet Defensor), Sandrock(Weapons: Vulcan Gun, Missile, Heat Shorter, Shield Flasher, Cross-Crusher, and Beam Machine Gun),

  • Weltall, Brighander, Heimdal, Renmazuo, Deathscythe, Shen-Long, Altron, Epyon, Mercurius, and Sandrock's HP: 9,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999(All stats are 2x stronger than SSJ Goku)

  • Weltall-2, Andarvi, Fenrir, El Renmazuo, Wing Gundam, and Deathscythe Hell's HP: 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000(All Stats are 4x stronger than SSJ Goku)

  • Xenogears, Escaflowne, Wing Gundam Zero, and Heavyarms's HP: 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000(All Stats are 10x stronger than SSJ Goku)

  • All Gear's, Guymelef's, and Gundam's Attacks - Kishin, Goshon X, and Ultra Slash

(SSJ Vegeta) (Dnthome)