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Health and Training Items

  • Heavly Clothes $3,000-doubles the ammount of pl gained in spars

  • Saiyan Armor $10,000-triples ammount of pl gained in spars

  • Super Saiyan Armor $20,000-4x the normal ammoun of pl gained in spars

  • Purse Duplicator $3,000-Doubles the ammount of coins givin in spars

  • Muggers Gloves 15,000-4x normal ammoun of coins gained in spars

  • Power Pole $5,000-Uded to reflect attacks back at an opponet with his own can't reverse finishers used 3x during battle

  • Scouter $10,000-Finds D ball in 1 day

  • Dragon Radar $15,000-tells location of d ball

  • Fusion Earings $2,000-Lets you fuze with another person in the guild(when u buy these you can buy them for the both people that means there yours but the other person can borow them till fuze is over.Unlimited use

  • Senzu Bean $1,000 each-Recovers 1/2 of you pl.

  • Senzu Bean growing kit $15,000-Grows 1 bean every day with a limit of 100 beans.

  • 5 pd.Wristbands $1,000 -Adds 100 to every training

  • 50 pd. Shirt $3,000-Adds 500 to every training.

  • 30 pd. Boots $2,000-Adds 300 to every training

  • 10 pd. Helmet-adds $1,000-Adds 100 to every training

  • Fruit of Might $ 40,000-Gives you an increase of 20,000

  • Senzu Bean $300-Will Restore all your HP during battle!

  • Bag of Senzus$1,000 - Contains 4 Senzus in a bag.

  • Senzu Box $2,800 - Contains 10 Senzus in a box!

  • Tree of Might Fruit $500 - 1,000 P/L raise.

  • Tree of Might Bag $1,350 - Contains 3 Tree of Might Fruit.

  • Tree of Might seed $2,450 - Grows into the Tree Of Might in just 3 days when fully grow contains 5 toms!!!

  • Lucky Tom Tree 10,000 - Grows in 7 days and when finished growing contains 7 toms and adds 5 % to your stealing.


  • Zanzoken $7,000-allows 5 attacks during one turn use twice during battle it will take you 2 days to learn Zanzoken.

  • Tri attack $5,000-allows 3 attacks in one turn use 3 times during battle, it will take you 3 days to learn Tri attack.

  • Dodge $7,000-With this you can dodge attacks and finishers! use 3 times during battle, it will take you 3 days to learn dodge.

  • Ultimate Fire Kick $20,000-This is a move that will take a persons pl down by half.use 1 time during a battle,takes you 6 days to leran Ultimate Fire Kick.

  • Telicaneses $16,000-This move takes the persons pl and adds it to yours for 1 battle.Used once during a battle,takes you 3 days to learn Telicaneses.

  • Kaifuku $20,000-Most likley the best move in the gym! It is the power to heal yourself or a person of your choice on the spot.(sort of like a senzu bean but better).It will take you 5 days to learn Kaifuku,and will be taught to you by Goku in the room that he tells you.

    Bag Shop

  • Bag $80-This bag can hold up to 25% of items.

  • Box $100-Can hold up to 50% of items.

  • Chest $200-Can hold up to 100% of items.

  • Golden Chest $400-Can hold up to 200% of items.


  • 1 man Space Ship $5,000-Can take 1 person anywere in 3 days.

  • 2 man Space Ship $7,000-Can take 2 people anywere in 4 days.

  • Group Space Ship $20,000-Can take 10 people anywere in a week.

  • Capsul 1 $15,000-Can take 1 man anywere In 1 day.

  • Capsul 2 $25,000-Can take 5 people anywere in 3 days.

  • Capsul 3 $50,000-Can take 15 people anywere in 5 days;

  • Freiza's hoovercraft $30,000-Makes you Out run anyone without this iteam.

  • Saiyon Space Ship $ 5,000-Takes only Saiyans to anywere they want in a day.


  • Sword $1,000-Lets you use the slash att 1,000 dam.

  • Great sword $4,000-Lets you use the slash att 2,500 dam.

  • Super Sword $15,000-Lets you use the slash att 3,000 dam.

  • Spicked Nuckels $3,000-Adds 100 to every punch.

  • Spicked Boots $5,000-Adds 200 to every kick

  • Humen Armor $1,000-Takes 500 damege and brakes.

  • Saiyan Armor $6,000-Takes 5,000 and stays on,but doesn't brake.

  • Namek Suit Takes $5,000-Does 4,000 Damege and stays on.

  • Small Rocks $50-Can be thrown and damege will be 1 or can make the other person slip and fall if spred on floor.

  • Very Big Rock $100-Can be thrown at target with damege of 100.

  • Cup $ 200-Protects from all blows to the balls.


  • This is the area where you can buy or sell items from someone. A person who has something they don't want may sell it for a price of their choice. Once sold it will be removed from the list and the person who bought it gets the thing they bought. The person who sold it gets the money the person paid for it. To get your money and the person will get the item. Below is a list of things that are for sale:

    (nothing for sale at this time)