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You get one special ability every 20,000 p/l you have. You can also make up an ability and start out with that as your own ability. Note: You have to as me before getting an ability.

Able to control self
Breathe Underwater
Build UnderWater/Ground
Able to learn moves in half the time
Able to Catch Animals
Able To Use Psychic Moves
Able to use the ability Time Freeze
Able to use the healing power(heals 50% Of There Damage)
Random Ability:roll a 1-5 and each number is differant
Able to teleport
Able to Sence
Able To Do Candy Voice
Able To Do a Element Wall:(water,ice,fire,air,poision,clouds,Ground,Glass Or Rock)
Able To Increase power of spirit bomb,(might decrease the power though)
Able to Gain Power From Galaxy,Only For The Ability That is above(Might increase spirit bomb damage).
Able to Reverse Bad Luck Attack
Talk Monster
Able to Control "YOUR" Planets conditions(Weather,HEat,Coldness Only)
Able to hide your power level
Able to teach other people moves
Able to make own Dragon Balls(must have a high p/l,takes 50% away)
Fear Factor:You are Uneffected by attacks that Cause fear status.
Ability to use:Sweet Trap(persona Only)
Able To Use Inferno Attack:Must get ability after learning it at,The monks(Earth)
Finisher:Name A Normal Attack That You Can Do,And It Might Become Your Finisher-Can Only use finisher if Enemys Hp is lower the 900
Able To Use The Cyber Move,Learn it at Temple of aires(earth)
Able To use:Revive(brings someone back,they only have 1 hp left,and cannot be healed)
Able to Bind:Persona Only
Able to Breath in Space
Speak Namik
PlANET DESTROYER BLAST/Ball-high p/l-take all of it,destroyes a planet
Able to Build
Shape-Shift:Must Complete Shape-Shifting School.
Use 2 Weapons Or More:Learn Flare Up,or Complete Shape-shifting school.
Toughness Meter:Just Destroy a Tree of Might,then ask for this "ability".
Excape Dead Zone in a Hour
Heat Reaction:You can last longer in deserts and other hot areas
Cold Reaction:You Can Last Longer In cold Areas
Chain Reaction:You Can Last A Very Long Time in Deserts ,With Out a Senzu Bean or holy water.
Persona Change
Ability to Call Persona

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