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Double Black Diamond Stables Opening Show

show dates show runs September 8 - September 12 judging September 19 - September 22

Hello everyone! This is our opening show under our new name! I hope you all enjoy the show and I hope it runs well. Please read the rules before entering. Thank you!


Mail all entries with the required info below to me at

  • Please follow the Horse Sense show rules, as well as the below specific rules.
  • The penalty for breaking one rule is a warning. Two rules: disqualification from the class. Three rules: disqualification from the show.
  • The abuse of any animal is STRICTLY prohibited. If you are seen or caught abusing, the 3-rule penalty is taken immediatly and all your horses will be disqualified.
  • If you will be staying for more than a day, you must rent a stall. Stalls are $10 per day or $35 for all four days. Please DO NOT stay for more days than necessary.
  • Payment should be in the form of checks. They are written like this:
    TO: DunnyLover
    FROM: (your name)
    FOR: EAS Opening Show
    AMOUNT: (your total)
  • Classes are $10 for halter and $15 for anything else.
  • No more then 7 hunter over fences classes. Also, you may not enter more then two classes over 4'.
  • Mares in season may not be entered. Mares in foal may ONLY be entered in mare-specific halter. This is for the safety of the stallions' handlers.
  • Dogs must be on LEASHES at all times.
  • No overworking is allowed
  • To enter, send the following info for each horse to

    Your name
    Horse name
    Horse registration number for any HS registeries
    Classes entering (Please write these like this: Day-Section(if availible)-Class #-Class Name
    Horse description
    Pic URL
    Which days are you staying?
    Do you need a stall?

    Note: To enter a three-day event, sign up for the dressage, cross-country, and stadium jumping classes with corrosponding levels. For example, if you have a horse who does novice-level eventing, you would enter these three classes exactly as I have put them here:

    Day Two-Class 3-Green (novice)
    Day Three-Class 1-Novice
    Day Four-Jumpers-Class 3-Novice Stadium

    DAY ONE-Halter Classes

    1. Arab Halter
    2. Quarter Halter
    3. Thoroughbred Halter
    4. Paint Halter
    5. Appaloosa Halter
    6. Welsh section A Halter
    7. Welsh section B Halter
    8. Welsh section C Halter
    9. Other Pony Halter
    10. Warmblood Halter
    11. Sporthorse Halter
    12. Jumper-Type Halter
    13. Racing-Type Halter
    14. Hunter-Type Halter
    15. Mares 7y/o and Up
    16. Mares/Fillies 6y/o and Under
    17. Stallions 7y/o and Up
    18. Gelding Halter
    19. Colts/Stallions 6y/o and Under
    20. Pony Halter
    21. Other Halter

    DAY TWO-Dressage Classes

    1. In-Hand
    2. Pre-Green
    3. Green (novice)
    4. Training Level
    5. First Level
    6. Second Level (pre-intermidiate)
    7. Third Level (intermediate)
    8. Fourth Level (advanced)
    9. Prix St. Georges (grand prix)
    10. Grand Prix
    11. Musical Dressage (give piece of music)

    DAY THREE-Hunter/Jumper Classes


  • Low Schooling Jumpers (2'9" to 3'3")
  • High Schooling Jumpers (3'6" to 3'9")
  • Novice Stadium (3'6" to 3'9")
  • Training Stadium (3'9" to 4')
  • Pre-Intermidiate Stadium (4' to 4'3")
  • Intermidiate Stadium (4'3 to 4'6)
  • Advanced Stadium (4'6" to 4'9")
  • Grand Prix Stadium (4'9" to 5')
  • Hunters

  • Baby Green (2')
    1. O/F
    2. O/F
    3. U/S
  • Pre-Green (2'6")
    1. O/F
    2. O/F
    3. U/S
  • Low Working Hunter (3')
    1. O/F
    2. O/F
    3. U/S
  • Regular Working Hunter (3'6")
    1. O/F
    2. O/F
    3. U/S
  • High Working Hunter (4')
    1. O/F
    2. O/F
    3. U/S
  • Pony Hunter
    1. Small Pony Hunter (2')
    2. Medium Pony Hunter (2'3")
    3. Large Pony Hunter (2'9")
    4. Pony Hunter Under Saddle
  • DAY FOUR-Cross-Country Classes

    1. Novice X-Country (2' - 2'6")
    2. Training X-Country (3' - 3'6")
    3. Pre-Intermidiate X-Country (3'6"-4')
    4. Intermidiate X-Country (4'-4'6")
    5. Advanced X-Country (4'6"-5')
    6. Grand Prix X-Country (5'-5'6")


    For stats on any horses, email me!

    Champion of Show - 100 points, $5,000, golden trophy, 15 free breedings to any of my stallions.

    Reserve Champion of Show (points not ASHJA applicable)- 70 points, $4,500, silver trophy, 5 free breedings to any of my stallions.

    Champion of Division- 60 points, $2,000, champion ribbon, 10 free breedings to any of my stallions.

    Reserve Champion of Division- 50 points, $1,000, reserve champion ribbon, 5 free breedings to any of my stallions.

    1st-blue ribbon, 40 pts.

    2nd-red ribbon, 30 pts.

    3rd-yellow ribbon, 20 pts.

    4th-white ribbon, 15 pts.

    5th-pink ribbon, 10 pts.

    6th-green ribbon, 5 pts.

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