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Name / Trowa Barton (His real name, like Heero's is unknown)
Age / Unknown (estimated 15)
Ethnic Origin / Unknown (said to be hispanic)
Gender / Male
Place of birth / Unknown (thought to be from L3 Colony)
Height / 160 cm
Weight / 44 kg
Eye color/ Dark Green
Hair color/ mustard (?!) brown
Distinctive feature(s) / Everyone says it's that he works as Pierre (a clown) at a circus group. But I personally think it's his gravity defying hair!!!

Trowa, also known as The Silencer, is the "dark and mysterious" guy of the group...most information about him is unknown. Similar to Heero in several ways, Trowa seldomly shows his emotions and only does to a select few (Quatre and Catherine). Though he is very quiet, Trowa is extremely clever and can outwit almost anyone. The majority of the time Trowa appears to be calm and collected but at certain times Trowa's true feelings shine through his cool exterior revealing how saddening it is for him to fight.