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Duo: Villa?!?! I get a CORNER and YOU get a VILLA?!?!
Quatre: If you think for one moment that you were just going to give me a CORNER...
Duo: But I only have a corner!!!
Quatre: Your point being...?
Duo: I'm the main part of this entire website!! Me!! And what happens?! I get a stinky corner and you get...AHH WILL YOU QUIT DOING THAT!! DO YOU REALIZE HOW LONG IT TAKES ME TO FIX THIS BRAID?!?! WHY DONT YOU STAY IN YOUR OWN STUPID "DARK" CO-OWWWW!!!
Heero: Sorry about that Quatre...I'll keep him out of here
Quatre: Thanks Heero! hehehe...Ok! Anyways sorry about that! Welcome to my isn't as great as my castle..but it's ok!! So how are you doing? Oh! By the way...thanks for coming to to my villa! It's nice to know that you care about me *sniff* <=*) Well here's the info Kayte put on me..check it out!! bye!! =)

Name / Quatre Raberba Winner
Mobile Suits / Gundam Sandrock and Sandrock Custom
Gender / Male
Age / 15 (16 in Endless Waltz)
Ethnicity / Arabian (Oh yeah..he really looks it with his BLONDE hair..But nuthin wrong with that! I love blondes!!)
Place Of birth / L4 Colony
Blood Type / O
Height / 156cm (1.56m)
Weight / 41 kg
Eye Color / Prussian Blue (What's with this Prussian word?!)
Hair Color / Platinum Blond (YEAH!! GO BLONDES!)
Most Noticed Feature / His Awesome Blonde hair of course!!!
Special Abilities / Maneuvering air and land vehicles Music and art Battle tactics

The friendly, empathetic pilot of the Gundam Sandrock, Quatre is unusually tender-hearted for a Gundam pilot. He is the only son of a wealthy family of space colony builders, with 29 older sisters and a stern pacifist father who disapproves of his going into combat. Though Quatre himself abhors bloodshed, he feels compelled to fight to protect his loved ones (awwww =). While Quatre lacks the fighting prowess and ruthlessness of his fellow Gundam pilots, he does have excellent family connections, almost unlimited cash, and a troop of forty loyal underlings at his disposal (but he's really really nice to all of them! He worries about their saftey all the time!). His gentle personality quickly wins over his fellow Gundam pilot Trowa Barton, and he eventually becomes the de facto leader of the Gundam pilots.