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Welcome to my little link page! If you want to link to my page (and if you do I'll love you forever!) you can use one of the little banners I made!

Alright here's my links so far...I'll get more links for Gundam Wing sites later but for now most of these these are just my friends! ;) Do you want me to put one of your links on here? Then email me at or instant message me on Natakus Ribbon!! If you want links to yaoi sites go back to Duo and Heero's Room! Later!! ;)

Gundam Wing Links

GundamWing.ORG - this is a great site with scrips from all the episodes and hundreds of pictures!!

The Gundam Wing Compatibility Quiz!!! - You HAVE to go to this one! See which pilot is your future husband!!

Keiko's Gundam Wing Page - This is a really cute site! Make sure to go to her "Kawaii Stuff"!!!!!!

Obsessed With Duo Maxwell - a cute page with fanfics and images, she's stopped updating it but its still a nice site!!!

Gundam Wing - A great site for Gundam Wing fans..They have some great pics too!

Trowa.Com-Angel's Sanctuary - OK so it ISN'T about Trowa (even though that doesn't make much sense..) BUT it IS about a yummy Weiss Kreuz character named Schuldich! ::drools::

Link's to other pages!

Get your own pocket bishonen!! I know I have a whole section to this but I had to put my pic of my fave anime character of al time!!! ^___^

The Angry Dwarf Hideout - My bud Will's page! This is a great page to go to if you're feeling's hilarious!

The Crazy Frog - Another good site to go to if you're bored..not as good as the Dwarf considering that I made it!

Samshark - My cousin's page...he's like a complete computer genius so his page is really awesome..makes me feel sad since he's younger than me!!

Interstation - Another one of my cousin's awesome pages ;)

Final Fantasy Online - My favorite webpage..I guess you can tell I'm a Final Fantasy fan..hehe =) it's really cool!

The Boys of Final Fantasy - This site has lots of info and pictures of the guys from Final Fantasy VII and VIII

Muzakk etc.. - This is my bud andrea's page! Check it out!

Ronin Warriors Domain - My Ronin Warriors page! I worked my ass off on that one so you better go!!!